Authentication of Documents Apostille Service

Canadian documents being used outside the country, for personal or business affairs, must go through the two step process of authentication and legalization before they are accepted as being valid. Another commonly used method to have a document validated is called Apostille, which is used in any country who has signed the Hague Apostille Certificate Convention. Although Canada has not signed and does not use Apostille Certificates, it does use the internationally recognized equivalent which starts with the authentication of the document.

Who Authenticates Documents in Canada?

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD)(JLAC), located near our office in Ottawa, is responsible for the first step of authentication. Once they verify the signature on the document, by checking in their registry, they will affix their stamp, seal and signature. There are certain restrictions and guidelines that do apply to your document and must be observed in order for it to be authenticated. Our consultation with you guarantees that your document will meet those guidelines, see more about them here. Although Foreign Affairs normally takes between 15-25 business days to process requests we can shorten this to as quick as 1 day, but this is only one of the many benefits of using our service.


Our Authentication Service -
How we assist you with the first step:

  • Consultation to guarantee the authentication of your document
  • Strict operational procedures to ensure the privacy and security of your document
  • We personally present your document to Foreign Affairs
  • Status updates via email at each step, giving you peace of mind
  • An experienced agent to assist with any extra requirements
  • We coordinate the shipping of your completed document to its final destination anywhere in the world
  • Saving you valuable time allowing you to get on with your important affairs

Our Authentication Service Speeds & Fees

Economy - Our cost-effective solution for multi-document requests, guaranteed in 10 business days
$100 for up to 10 documents

Standard - A swifter solution, guaranteed in 3 business days
$125 for 1st document + $25 each additional document

Priority - The fastest service solution with Same-Day Guaranteed service if received by 12:00 noon
$175 for 1st document + $25 each additional document

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Types of Documents We Assist With

Although we process many types of documents some of the common documents we assist with are below or click here for a more complete list. Clicking on the document type will give you more information about it and the process. You can also search by your profession: Doctor, Lawyer, Notary, Nurse, Engineer, Regulatory Affairs, Teacher, ESL Teacher.

Find out how we help you with the second step of Legalization