Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From ALSC Team Holiday Office Hours

The end of the year is approaching quickly with Global Affairs Canada working hard although delays are expected due to the usual higher than normal number of requests at this time of the year. But not to worry our team of experts at ALSC has options to get things started this year for you.

ALSC 2022 Holiday Season Office Closures

Here at ALSC we will be processing documents and assisting clients up until Friday, December 23rd at 5:00PM EST. After which our offices will be closed during the holidays on the below dates so the ALSC team can enjoy the holidays with their family and friends although deliveries will be accepted at our Ottawa national office.

  • In lieu of Christmas Day – Monday December 26th  
  • In lieu of Boxing Day – Tuesday December 27th
  • ALSC Family Holiday – Wednesday December 28th
  • ALSC Family Holiday– Thursday December 29th
  • ALSC Family Holiday– Friday December 30th
  • In lieu of New Year’s Day – Monday January 2rd  

Global Affairs Canada Authentication Delays? Not To Worry ALSC Has Solutions For You

As you may already know, if you have a Canadian document that you need to use in a country other than Canada, it will have to go through a process of validation that makes it legally valid for use in a foreign country. You may have heard of terms like apostille or attestation but Canada uses another process that is equivalent or equal to an apostille an attestation. This process is known as authentication and legalization and it is equivalent to the apostille because it was the process used by apostille countries prior to the Hague Apostille convention, which Canada has not signed. The first step of authentication takes place at Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa and the second step of legalization takes place at the embassy of the country in which you will be using your Canadian documents. Most of these embassies are also located in Ottawa and larger countries tend to have consulates across major cities in Canada as well.

Holiday Season Embassy Consulate Closures and Slow Downs

Legalization at the embassy is the more difficult step of the two. There are additional fees, requirements, and processing times which are subject to change. What is also difficult to account for are the various holidays and closures at an embassy which often cause delays. As has been the case in the past during the holiday season although the embassy consulate reception maybe open the official who signs the documents, and those that process them, are away enjoying the holidays as such delaying it till into the new year. That is why we encourage our clients to start the authentication and legalization process well before the holiday closures to prevent any unexpected delays.

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