Expats Canada Apostille Authentication Legalization Living or working outside Canada has its challenges without considering the documents that are required. Even with the best of preparation, as happens, a new requirement has come up and you need your official document authenticated and legalized. Not to worry this is where we can help. Our team, with over 20+ years assisting expats, and our office is at your service.

Oustside Canada? We can Help at Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents

We will assist with the coordination and ordering of documents that you will require using our office as your personal headquarters. Our various levels of authentication offer you peace of mind that you will meet your time lines. As a preferred service supplier our legalization service lets your matter get the attention it requires. Once it has followed this two step process it will be the equivalent to an Apostille Certificate outside Canada. When completed our shipping made easy provides safe and fast delivery to any country where you need your documents delivered.

To find more information about how we can assist you contact Authentication Legalization Services Canada at 1-800-336-1132 toll free in North America or

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