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As more Canadian consumer health companies expand their markets internationally our expert assistance has helped many secure opportunities for new sales contracts. As you may already know the requirement for an International Trade Certificate (ITC) or a Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) may arise if exporting natural health products outside Canada. If you need more information about this or how to obtain the certificates Consumer Health Products Canada is a great place to start. Once the certificate is issued in order for it to be accepted for use in a country it must be authenticated and legalized. Once this two step process has been completed it will be accepted as the equivalent to an Apostille certificate in countries that have signed the Hague Apostille Convention.

International Trade Certificate – Certificate of Free Sale Authentication at Global Affairs Canada

The first step of authentication of the certificate takes place at Global Affairs Canada located in Ottawa near our office. Although their current processing time is between 25 business days with our help you can shorten this to as quick as 1 day. In addition our service guarantee ensures your document is done on time and correctly. Once the document has been authenticated it is then ready for legalization at the embassy of the country you will be exporting to.

Exporting Canadian Consumer Health products what you need to know about Embassy Legalization Apostille Attestation

Some countries that you will be exporting to may have a different name for document legalization. The important thing to remember is if you follow the two step process of authentication and legalization your certificates will be accepted without issue no matter the country or name. Before the embassy will accept your certificates for legalization they must be presented following a set of rules and with any additional requirements. If this is not followed they will not be accepted or may cause delays to the process but not to worry. Our specialized agents are available to consult on the specific requirements for each country you may be exporting to such as Brazil, China, Mexico, Panama, UAE, Qatar ask about your specific country. Once completed we assist with shipping either back to you or anywhere in the world using our shipping made easy.

If you need Authentication and Legalization or information about Apostille for a Consumer Health Product or Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), Goods or an International Trade Certificate we can help.

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