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For whatever the personal circumstances like Divorce, Death, Bankruptcy, Business Closure or maybe just moving outside of the United States (U.S.) you may need to close a bank account. As you might know by researching, this will involve completing an Account Closure Request with your bank and depending on the reason you will need to support it with an official document like a Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate or an identity document like a passport. As each bank has different rules and requirements it’s important that you make contact with them to determine what is required in your case. Once you have obtained the correct documents you will need to have them validated here in Canada in order for them to be accepted by the U.S. bank. The term used for the validation process in the U.S. is called an Apostille but here in Canada it is called Authentication and Legalization which is a 2 step process.

First step Authentication of Canadian documents for use in the United States

Global Affairs Affairs Canada located near our office in Ottawa is responsible for the authentication of official documents. Depending on your time lines once we have received your documents we will meet with them in 1, 3 or 10 business days to present your documents for their review if satisfied they will stamp and sign giving their authorization. As mentioned you may need to provide several different documents of which each one may have a specific requirement in order for Foreign Affairs to authenticate it. Although our pre consultation will guarantee that your documents will be accepted feel free to read more about this here in order to get a head start while ordering the required documents. If you find out you need the assistance of a Notary feel free to ask us our in office Law Society registered notary is available to help you.

Second step Apostille or Legalization of Canadian documents at the United States Embassy Consulate Ottawa

After we have authenticated your documents with Foreign Affairs they are ready for the second step of legalization or what is also called Apostille in the United States. This service is provided by the consulate and depending on the amount of requests that they may have at that time it can take several weeks if using the service by mail from outside the Ottawa region. This is where using our services will again shorten the process to days and if an emergency speak with one of our agents about your circumstances to find out what is the quickest solution is for you. Once we have met with the United States Consulate Ottawa on your behalf and they are satisfied they will attach an Authentication Certificate to your document at which point it will be accepted as the equivalent of an Apostille.

Now that we have completed the two step process on your behalf we are ready to ship your official documents back to you for presentation to the bank to close your account. If you need to Apostille, Authenticate and Legalize your personal or corporate document for the United States we can help contact Authentication Legalization Services Canada.

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