Attestation Canadian Documents for use in Saudi Arabia

Validating Canadian Documents for use in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been the focus of global attention in recent years. This is primarily due to its 2017 announcement on plans to begin construction of a 500 billion dollar mega city which is to be the envy of the modern world. Even prior to this announcement, Saudi Arabia has been a busy destination for business endeavors, often in the oil, construction, and pharmaceutical industry. Considering Canada has extensive oil, construction, and pharmaceutical related industries of its own, it results in some frequent exchanges between the two countries at both the public and private level. Doing business in Saudi Arabia is simple in theory: all you need is some paperwork, namely corporate documents such as Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Corporate Power of Attorney, CPP, Authorization Letter, Distribution Contract and Medical Device License. However, those documents will not be valid in Saudi Arabia until they’ve gone through a process of verification. In Saudi Arabia this process of verifying foreign documents is known as attestation. Many other countries in the world use the well known apostille process, which is equivalent to attestation. Canada does not use attestation, and has not signed the Hague Apostille convention like many other countries have. Therefore, Canada uses another alternative process that is equal to attestation and apostille. This process involves two steps and it is known as authentication and legalization.

The first step of authentication takes place at Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa. There are various requirements that need to be met before your documents can be authenticated, and authentication can take as long as 20 business days to complete. The second step of legalization takes place at the Saudi Arabian embassy, also here in Ottawa. Saudi Arabia is known for its incredibly strict and extensive requirements for legalization, regardless of the type of document. This high standard results in high quality business and employment which is exactly what Saudi Arabia looks for. However, this makes it a very long and complicated process. Our agents have watched hundreds of people have their documents rejected for missing the smallest details in how their application must be prepared. To put it plainly: it is next to impossible to successfully legalize your documents at the Saudi Arabian embassy on the first try, unless you use our services.

Canadian Document Attestation, Authentication Legalization for Saudi Arabia

We have worked with the Saudi Arabian embassy here in Ottawa since our foundation over 25 years ago. As the first company in our field, we also have the longest professional relationship with almost every embassy here in Ottawa as well as Global Affairs Canada which is minutes from our office. Our staple priority same day, standard 3 day, and economy 10 day authentication speeds have become the industry standards. It took a little time for us to master the complexities of the Saudi Arabian embassy but our hard work has granted us the ability to be the best at what we do and perhaps the only ones who can get it right every time. In fact, it’s in our service guarantee: no matter where in the world you need to use your Canadian documents, it is the pledge of our company that we will make them valid for use in that country. We are always up to date on changing requirements and fees, which often send many people scrambling to us for help to meet a deadline. We are experts in every Canadian document, whether personal such as university degrees, transcripts, diplomas, birth certificates, and marriage certificates or corporate such as Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, CPPs, Medical Device Licenses, Authorization Letters, Corporate Powers of Attorney, and Distribution Contracts. We have helped thousands of individuals, businesses, famous musicians, and even former Canadian prime ministers with their foreign affairs. If you have Canadian documents that need authentication and legalization for use in Saudi Arabia and are rushing to meet a deadline we strongly recommend you contact us now. Refer to the remainder of the article for additional information on some Canadian documents that you may need to use in Saudi Arabia.

Canadian Corporate Document Attestation, Authentication Legalization for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s push in recent years to be on the forefront of modern technology, particularly in its medical, pharmaceutical, oil, and construction industry, has made it a fresh location to set up shop for new businesses and to expand existing ones. If you are a Canadian business looking to sell your pharmaceutical product, partner with a Saudi Arabian oil company, export oil technologies to Saudi Arabia from Canada, or expand or modify existing subsidiaries of your company in Saudi Arabia, you will need a series of corporate documents. The documents you will require will depend entirely on the requesting party in Saudi Arabia. Please note that there may be additional processes involved in Saudi Arabia in addition to authentication and legalization in Canada. As such, we strongly recommend you clarify exactly which Canadian corporate documents you will need to do business in Saudi Arabia with the requesting party. This will prevent any delays and ensure you meet your deadline. Here is a list of some of the documents you will need, although there may be others depending on your purposes: Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Distribution Contract, Corporate Power of Attorney, Medical Device License, CPP and Authorization Letter. If you are missing some of these documents it is pretty easy to get them. Many of them, such as Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, and Articles of Amalgamation can be ordered from various sources such as the provincial and federal government. Ordering these documents requires some forms which can be found here.

Once you know what corporate documents you need, you will have to have them notarized by a lawyer or notary public. We can do this for you when you use our services depending on the type of document. Note that there are some documents such as Corporate Powers of Attorney and Authorization Letters that we cannot notarize as the signing of those documents require a member of your company to be present in front of the lawyer or notary public. Furthermore, there are some corporate documents which you may prefer to have notarized as their originals are difficult to have re-issued. Lawyers often have their own templates as well and can draft you numerous corporate documents at an additional cost. There are also many other documents which are issued by Industry Canada and other federal bodies. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce here in Ottawa also has a “TradeCert – Certification Made Simple” service which can certify Canadian Commercial Invoices and Canadian Certificates of Origin for use in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce can sign your corporate documents. This makes them valid for authentication at Global Affairs Canada since they have their signatures on file. If this is what you intend to do, we recommend you contact us in advance so you can send all of the associated requirements to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce with your documents. As proud members ourselves, we can pick up your documents from their office in downtown Ottawa. We can even process your documents if you send us their completed forms via email. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in doing; it can save you a lot of processing time.

Canadian Documents for Work in Saudi Arabia

Similarly to the UAE and Qatar, Saudi Arabia is often on the lookout for foreign talents. Getting a job in Saudi Arabia is not very easy and those lucky few foreign nationals who are selected to work there need to go through some additional steps to make your Canadian documents valid for use in Saudi Arabia. For starters, you will need your Canadian educational documents authenticated and legalized for use in Saudi Arabia. However, it is not that straightforward for Canadian educational documents that need to be used in Saudi Arabia. Educational documents have an additional requirement: they must go through the Saudi Cultural Bureau prior to legalization. Note that this is only required for some Canadian educational documents. All other Canadian documents that need to be used in Saudi Arabia do not need to go through the Saudi Cultural bureau. Before the Saudi Cultural Bureau will accept your Canadian educational documents, you will need to have a formal job offer from a company in Saudi Arabia and a copy of the contract. These are just a couple of the other requirements you will need for your Canadian educational documents to be accepted at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau.

After your required documents have been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, you will have to begin the process online for the Saudi Cultural Bureau. There are various steps on their website that you will have to do yourself as we cannot do them for you. As part of this online application, there may be a series of additional documents requested of you including recommendation letters and letters of experience from previous employers. What we can do is send your documents to the Saudi Cultural Bureau on your behalf once we have authenticated them. We will also then take them to Saudi Arabian embassy and ensure they are properly legalized. Once your documents have been completed, we can send them anywhere they need to go. If you do not currently have your Canadian university degree or if it has been damaged, it is easy to order an original copy from the university which issued your degree. If you need to do this, we recommend you have your new degree shipped directly to our office to save you time. Also, it is a good idea to know the dimensions of your degree as it will impact shipping costs regardless of whether or not you use our services. You can also make a notarized copy of your degree which in some cases can make shipping cheaper. Many of our clients choose to do this and we can do this for you when you use our services. Note that as with corporate documents, it is crucial you clarify with the requesting party exactly which documents you will need for employment in Saudi Arabia. This also means knowing whether notarized copies will suffice or if original documents are required. Knowing this in advance will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Trust the Experts in Canadian Documents for use in Saudi Arabia

We know that authentication and legalization can be stressful and time consuming. We also know that it can be hard to trust a third party with your confidential documents. The countless testimonials from our satisfied clients, our proud membership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and our A+ rating with the BBB make it clear: we are trusted and we are the leaders in our industry. We take every security measure at our disposal to keep your information safe at all times. When you use our services, you are given detailed updates at every step of the process ensuring you are always in the know. You will have your own personal agent to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have at any stage of the process. Better yet, if you live near one of our service centers across Canada you can save yourself a long wait at the post office and drop off your documents there instead. In addition, your documents will be given free shipping to our head office here in Ottawa via FedEx, and can be shipped back to our service center for pick up free of charge. Please note that you must contact our head office first to make an appointment. If you do not make an appointment your documents may not be accepted at the service center. We can also ship your completed documents anywhere in the world with our trusted shipping partners. When you use our services you can rest assured that your affairs in Saudi Arabia will be addressed promptly and with the highest degree of professionalism possible. Click below to get started with ALSC, the experts in Saudi Arabia attestation, authentication and legalization.

Steps Attestation Canadian Documents for use in Saudi Arabia

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