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Official Canadian Documents for Exporting to The Middle East

If you are reading this you have probably been asked to provide some Export Documents such as a Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin to be attested by a Middle Eastern embassy. These embassies will not recognize these export documents to be valid until they have gone through Canada’s two step process of authentication at Global Affairs Canada and legalization at the consular section of the foreign embassy. This is Canada’s equivalent to the attestation process. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait are just a few of the frequent destinations for exports from Canada to the Middle East which require attested export documents. Other countries in the Middle East that might require attestation of export documents are Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Note that some of these countries refer to export document attestation as export document legalization such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

These embassies are very strict with their requirements for these documents and understandably so; they are committed to ensuring quality products for their rapidly growing economies. We have worked closely with these embassies for 30 years and will make sure you have exactly what you will need to get your Canadian export documents accepted by these countries when you use our services.

Middle East Export Document Attestation 

It is common that before shipping Canadian-made products abroad, especially to the Middle East, the requesting party will ask you for attested certificates of origin and commercial invoices as a condition for customs and other agencies to accept your shipment in their country. Examples of products which often require these attested export documents for use in the Middle East are electrical equipment for oilfield applications like drilling equipment, pumps, transformers, tanks, substations and lifting devices or even optics or cameras. Always make sure to check with the requesting party to see which export documents you will need to attest, if any.

Are your Export Documents ready for the Attestation process?

Before your Export Documents can be authenticated, they first must meet the requirements of your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade. As an alternative, if you are not a member of your local chamber, Authentication Legalization Services Canada has been working with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for several years to help our clients. They can assist you with the certification of your Certificate of Origin using their easy online “Certification Made Simple – TradeCert” service. Once you have provided them with the correct requirements to allow them to process your document, they will then stamp and sign your export documents making them ready for authentication at Global Affairs Canada. It is possible to send your export Documents via mail or courier to Global Affairs Canada for authentication. However, Global Affairs Canada quote at least 35 working days to just look at your documents. During busier times, they quote 8 weeks. Also, there is always possibility that your documents are missing a key detail such as a translation requirement, which would result in another two months of waiting for them to be evaluated again.

We know that the business world can be incredibly busy and fast paced. 8 weeks is far too long, especially when the processing time does not include how long it will take the embassy to legalize your documents. We can get you started today to save valuable processing time for your Export documents. Once your export documents have been stamped and signed by Global Affairs Canada, they are ready for Legalization at the Embassy or Consulate of the country in which your documents will be used.

Attestation at the Embassy also known as Legalization

Once your documents have been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, they are then ready to be legalized at the consular section of an embassy which most middle east countries call Attestation. Each embassy has its own unique requirements that will need to be met before your documents will be accepted for legalization. These can be incredibly complicated and they tend to change every few weeks. The Embassy also charges a fee to legalize your document. These fees are often based on the type of document and they can change almost every day. Corporate documents such as commercial invoices and certificates of origin often have drastically different requirements as well. If you forget one minor requirement or are even only a dollar short, your documents will not be accepted for legalization. We have worked with these embassies for 3 decades and we can ensure that you have the correct embassy requirements for your corporate documents. Once your documents have been completed, we can courier them to any destination with the shipping partner of your choice. Our Export Documents Legalization Service page can help you with this right now.

Other documents you may need attested with your Export Documents

If you have been asked to get your Export Documents Attested such Certificate of Origins and/or Commercial Invoices, you may have other documents that also require authentication by Global Affairs Canada and legalization at an embassy. These frequently include: Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product (CPP), Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate (GMP), and/or International Trade Certificate (ITC). We can assist you with any additional Canadian documents you might need to use in the Middle East. You can find more details about specific Canadian documents via our Quick and East Verification.

Once your export documents have been authenticated and legalized then they are ready for international use. As Canada’s first and foremost provider of Authentication and Legalization Services, ALSC can help you and provide you peace of mind, while we take care of the rest for you. Click below to get started now!

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