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How Fast Can You Authenticate and Legalize my Canadian Document?

Aside from “how can I get free shipping via your service centers?” and “where can I leave a review for your amazing services?”, “how quickly can you process my document for use outside Canada?” is our most frequently asked question. As you might have already seen, we offer a priority same business day authentication service of your documents. This means we have one of our agents personally rush your documents down to Global Affairs Canada during their limited operating hours to have them authenticated on your behalf. Your documents have to come in before noon to qualify for the same day authentication, otherwise it is 1 business day. This is because if your documents arrive any later, they will not make it in time for Global Affairs Canada’s limited public hours. If you want to ensure your documents arrive before noon at our office, we strongly recommend using FedEx, Purolator, UPS, or any other courier which offers services that guarantee a delivery before noon. Furthermore, note that if your document requires any additional services such as notarization, translation, or translation verification, this will add to the time that it takes to process your documents. For example, if your documents are on our priority service and require notarization, we require 1 additional business day to have your documents notarized. For translations and translation verifications of your foreign language documents, this can take much longer depending on how many documents you are processing. These are all important things to keep in mind when using our services to get your Canadian documents ready for use overseas.

What is the total processing time for authentication and legalization?

Our clients are often relieved when we tell them we can have their documents authenticated in as little as the same day they arrive at our office. Global Affairs Canada can take up to 20 days to authenticate your documents which is often uncomfortably close for many deadlines. However, our priority authentication service speed does not change the speed of legalization at the embassy. Although we can authenticate documents faster than most companies, we have very limited influence on the processing times at the various embassies for the second step of legalization. Processing times for the second step of legalization at an embassy can vary from being done on the spot to taking over 25 business days. There are also many embassies which offer different legalization service speeds. When you use our services we advise you as to how quickly the second step of legalization can be done and can in some cases make special requests to have your documents done faster at the embassy. Unfortunately, many embassies are very strict on their process and processing times. Thankfully, our close professional relationship with consular staff at many of the embassies and consulates makes the second step of legalization go much smoother than it does for private individuals. Our reputation and frequent communication with the embassies allows us to quickly solve any issues if they arise and make us the preferred clients at many embassies. This translates to the highest quality service possible to you, our client. In short, the total processing time for authentication and legalization can range from less than 2 days to over a month depending on the embassy. Our services ensure that your documents are ready for international use with minimal delays and occasionally expedited processing times at the embassy.

What happens after I have authenticated and legalized my Canadian documents for international use?

Once authentication and legalization have been completed within Canada, there are two more things to take note of. The first is shipping. Shipping times and costs vary substantially depending on where in the world you will need to have your documents sent. Shipping times can range from less than 24 hours to over a week, even on the fastest available courier services. Take note of where your documents will need to be sent upon completion and factor in the additional time it will take for shipping. It is also a good idea to estimate a few extra days in the event of any issues at customs or unforeseen weather conditions which delay shipments. If you simply need your completed documents shipped back to you in Canada, you can instead choose to pick up your completed documents at any one of our service centers across Canada and receive free shipping via FedEx. If you are interested in this option, get started by clicking here. For any other destination worldwide, we can ship your documents via FedEx, UPS, Purolator, or Xpresspost at a competitive price.

The second thing to take note of once your Canadian documents have been authenticated and legalized is any additional processes they may need to go through in the country they will be used in. There are many countries which will not accept your authenticated and legalized Canadian documents until they have also been verified by the foreign affairs ministry in the destination country. Although we can advise which countries this rule applies to, we cannot assist in processing your documents outside of Canada. This is something you will have to coordinate yourself or with your requesting party, who may also have additional requirements and processes they will need you to go through once your documents have arrived at the destination country. Again, take note of this possibility as it will further add to your processing time. If you are already rushing to meet a deadline, please contact us immediately. We will ensure your Canadian documents are ready for international use as quickly as possible. Our A+ rating with the BBB, proud membership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of verified 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google are proof that your foreign affairs are safe with the experts at ALSC. Click below to get started now.

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