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There are many places around the world that are very selective of what they permit anyone to bring into their country, whether prescription drugs, pets, or even select items. Gulf countries such as the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar are just a handful of countries around the world with strict rules when it comes to prescription drugs. If you are a Canadian who is on prescription drugs of any kind and looking to visit or move to the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar for employment or residency, you will need to provide a document issued by a health practitioner such as a signed prescription and/or a doctor’s letter for use in the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar. These can be issued by your doctor, psychiatrist, or other healthcare provider who is allowed to prescribe drugs. Once you have this document you cannot simply send it to the UAE, Qatar, or Kuwait. Their authorities will not be able to verify that the person who gave you the prescription is indeed a licensed healthcare provider. As such, you will have to have your doctor’s letter notarized by a Canadian lawyer or notary public. This will make it valid for the process of authentication and legalization, the two step process required to make documents valid for use in countries overseas. Every single Canadian document needs to go through this process if it is to be accepted as legally valid in a foreign country. This process is often referred to as attestation in the Gulf Countries and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Authentication and Legalization of Doctor’s Letter for the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar

Authentication and legalization can take a very long time to complete. The likelihood of making a mistake and encountering delays is likewise very high. A conservative estimate of how long it takes to process a Canadian document for use overseas without assistance is roughly 25 business days, assuming there are no mistakes along the way. This is mainly because the first step of authentication at Global Affairs Canada can alone take up to 20 business days to complete. Each embassy also has its own processing time, and both steps have a series of requirements that need to be met before they can accept your documents. This can be very confusing and frustrating even if you have gone through the process before. This is because requirements and fees often change over time and processes can likewise be completely modified when an embassy’s consular staff changes every few years. Thankfully there is a very easy way to ensure your prescription documents are properly authenticated and legalized in a timely manner for use in the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar. With our services you can save up to 20 business days of processing time with our priority same business day authentication service. With our priority same business day service we take your documents to Global Affairs Canada the same day they arrive at our office and present them to their agents for authentication during their limited public hours. Our legalization services save you the headache of maneuvering through dozens of embassy requirements and fees. We are always up to date on changing requirements and fees and are able to quickly resolve any issues which may arise thanks to our close professional relationship with consular staff at the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar embassies. We have provided this service for over 25 years and have served thousands of clients just like yourself. If you are moving to the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar and have a medical condition which requires prescription drugs or medicine, contact us below.

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