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Attestation of Canadian Work Documents for the UAE

2022 looks like another busy year for Canadian teachers and other professionals looking for new work challenges in the UAE, one of the worlds most exciting work destinations. Since its inception in 1971, the UAE has remained the crown jewel of the middle east. It has also become a dream destination by both tourists and talented professionals from around the world.

If you are a Canadian looking to work in the United Arab Emirates, you will be required to provide some validated Canadian documentation to do so. This can include a Canadian police clearance certificate, birth certificates, fingerprint forms, or university degrees for use in the UAE. These documents will require authentication and legalization, the Canadian process of validating documents equivalent to attestation and apostille, prior to acceptance by authorities in the UAE. You will also need to go through this process if you are a Canadian corporation looking to do business in the UAE. However, the requirements will vary depending the type of Canadian document you need to use in the UAE.

For the first step of authentication at Global Affairs Canada, your document will need to contain a signature from an authority recognized by Global Affairs Canada. These can include Canadian notaries, Canadian lawyers, select staff at Health Canada, the RCMP for a police clearance, and the various Chambers of Commerce across Canada. Once your Canadian documents contain a valid signature and meets the other criteria outlined by Global Affairs Canada, they can then be legalized at the appropriate UAE consulate or embassy for use in the UAE.

Validating Canadian Work Documents For The UAE – The Easy How To

A few years ago, the UAE Embassy had a substantial change in its process. Specifically, they have developed a new E-Dirham payment system for processing Canadian documents for use in the UAE. Changes in process are relatively common at most embassies and consulates. When big changes such as this take place it often leaves many people scrambling to understand the new process. As we have worked for over two decades with the UAE embassy in Ottawa as well as the UAE consulate in Toronto, we are always up to date on their changing requirements and procedures. This, along with our close professional relationship with their consular staff, has allowed us to provide the communication and understanding to our clients which is often absent without professional assistance. This is also why every year thousands of people choose us to take care of this process for them. Whether you are addressing personal or corporate, matters we get you started today to save time due to Global Affairs Canada currently taking up to 40 business days to authenticate documents. If you are rushing to meet a deadline in the UAE and have Canadian documents that need to be used there, do not risk excessive waiting time, potential errors, and unnecessary stress. Click below to get started with the experts.

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UAE Document Attestation Steps