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 Divorce Certificate Authentication Legalization or Divorce Certificate Apostille

If you are getting married in a foreign country you may need to have your Divorce Certificate authenticated and legalized. The validation process of Divorce Certificate Authentication Legalization may also be called a Divorce Certificate Apostille or Attestation in other countries but is recognized as the equivalent. Authenticating and Legalizing a Divorce Certificate with us is easy. Let’s get started with the why and how.

If you are being asked for a Divorce Certificate Apostille, it is from a country who has signed the Hague Convention which Canada has not; Canada does not have an apostille process as a result. The important thing to remember is that if you complete the two step authentication and legalization process, your Divorce Certificate will be accepted as valid; equivalent to an apostille. There are many reasons why you may have been asked to get Divorce Certificate Authentication Legalization or Divorce Certificate Apostille. Whatever the reason, we can help.

How to get a Divorce Certificate for Authentication and Legalization

If you have misplaced the original, you may be able to request that the court issue a new divorce certificate for the authentication and legalization process. You can find the links to the provincial courthouses on our document resources page.

Global Affairs Canada Divorce Certificate Authentication

Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section can authenticate an original or a certified copy of a Divorce Certificate issued by the provincial court where the divorce application was filed. It’s important to remember that you will need the spelling of the name of the court official who signed the Divorce Certificate. If you are unable to confirm the spelling of the signature on the certificate, you can contact the court that issued it they will assist you with this. To help get you started, you can find links to all the provincial court websites on our Document Authentication Resources page.

Divorce Certificate Legalization – Attestation At The Embassy Consulate

The second step of Divorce Certificate Legalization takes place at the embassy consulate of the country where you are going to be using it. Most embassy consulates are located here in Ottawa and charge a fee to provide document legalization services. In addition, some have other requirements or processing times that change often. But not to worry, our divorce certificate legalization services will take care of all of that. We make sure it gets done correctly and meets your timeline. After the Divorce Certificate has been authenticated and legalized we can return it back to you or anywhere in the world it needs to go using one of our document shipping made easy solutions or using your preferred delivery method.

Documents you may need Authenticated and Legalized with a Divorce Certificate

If you have been asked to get a Divorce Certificate Authenticated and Legalized or Apostilled, you may have other documents like a Birth CertificateMarriage Certificate, or Power of  Attorney that also require authentication and legalization. We can help you authenticate and legalize these and more documents speak with one of our friendly agents about yours.

International Canadian Divorce Certificate Check List
Confirm you have an official signature from the issuing court and the spelling of the officials name on the Divorce Certificate.
As an alternative we can make a Notarized copy of the original Divorce Certificate.
Choose the ALSC Authentication & Legalization Service that meets your time line and budget to save 20+ days processing time.
Confirm Embassy Fees & Requirements with an ALSC Expert.
Use one of our easy shipping solutions to get a Canadian International Divorce Certificate fast.

Canadian Divorce Certificate Authentication Legalization Services 

Now that we have helped confirm that you have the correct type of Divorce Certificate, you are ready to begin the Divorce Certificate Authentication and Legalization process also known as Divorce Certificate Apostille Certification. Find out how easy it is using our services!

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