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This process is required if working in the health care profession as part of the application process for working abroad in such countries as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE ask us about the hospital in the country in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America in which you will be working.

Why a Canadian Doctor, Nurse may be asked to validate their degree or diploma to work overseas

In order for your educational documents issued in Canada to be accepted and recognized in a foreign country they must first be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa. If dealing with Foreign Affairs directly the process can take between 15-25 business days by using our services we can shorten this to as quick as 1 business day. As an option to using your originals, to keep them safe for future use, our notary services gives you this choice. Ask us about how our notary services can help with your education documents. If you are not currently in Canada not a problem we can assist you from anywhere, see our article on how we assist expats.

The how to on Canadian Medical Degree, Nursing Diploma Apostille, Attestation, Authentication and Legalization for working overseas

Once we have authenticated your documents they will be ready for the next step of validation, called legalization in Canada. Depending on the country you may also see this step referred to as Apostille or Attestation. This part of the process, depending on the country, can be confusing and require the assistance of a professional to help coordinate since the requirements can change. Having us at your side allows our 20 years of experience helping health care professionals from Canada relocate around the world, confidently guide you through the bureaucratic process.

If you need Authentication and Legalization or information about the Apostille or Attestation of your Canadian Medical or Nursing Degree we can help.

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