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With the current Canada Post rotating strikes and their rejection of a cooling off period the need to have documents safely delivered in a timely manner could not be more important for those with international affairs. At ALSC we are always looking for ways to help make the process easier for our clients, so we are highly recommending using one of our 12 ALSC service centers located across the country for free FedEx delivery to our Ottawa HQ office. If you are not able to then we recommend using a traceable courier service when sending your document for authentication and legalization. Not considering the chance of a postal strike as we get closer to the holiday season the post offices slows making delivery unreliable at times, again why we recommend using a courier for sending to us at this time of the year. The current slow down by Canada Post with the higher than normal volume of year end authentication requests at Global Affairs Canada makes our services the safe, fast and convenient choice for getting your Canadian document validated for use internationally before the end of 2018.

How to ship important documents for Authentication & Legalization Services in Ottawa

Over the last two decades we have seen an endless number of unique packages and envelopes arrive at our office. From tubes and boxes to bizarre envelopes and plastic bags, our clients have never ceased to impress us with their unique shipping methods. Shipping documents is straightforward, but things get complicated when dealing with documents which are delicate, large, or not easily replaced. These can include documents such as court documents, corporate documents, and educational documents such as degrees. Shipping these documents can be very difficult and it is important to remember that the larger the document is, the more likely it is to be damaged if not properly packaged. That being said, at ALSC we have also become experts in shipping and have special packs and envelopes which keep your large degrees and other documents safe and dry during shipping. We handle your documents with extreme care but unfortunately have no control over how they are handled by other people in the authentication and legalization process, such as couriers, staff at Global Affairs Canada, and staff at the embassy. However, there are a few things you can do prior to shipping your documents to help protect them from any damage during transit.

  1. If your document is large and fragile, surround it with carboard or another hard, lightweight material
  2. If possible, use water resistant packaging or put your documents in plastic sleeves before placing them in the envelope
  3. If you are comfortable, fold your larger documents so they fit into conventional envelopes. This will save you lots of money on shipping and will also keep the document in better condition overall.
  4. Use a shipping tube or small box if necessary

Finally, take note of how long it will take for your documents to arrive at our office and return to you upon completion. This will depend entirely on how you decide to ship them. It is also a good idea to check if there are any strike actions by couriers and shipping companies as well as bad weather conditions which may add more time to shipping. If you are shipping internationally, make sure you indicate that you are simply shipping legal documents on the customs label. This will help prevent any unnecessary delays at customs during shipping.

How to prepare your documents for Authentication Legalization Services Canada

Once you have contacted our office confirmed use of our services, you will be instructed to ship your documents to our office. As our client, you will have the option to drop off your documents at any one of our service centers across Canada and receive free shipping via FedEx to our head office in Ottawa for processing. Once we’ve finished processing your documents, we can ship them back to any one of our service centers in Canada free of charge for pick up or elsewhere in the world via one of our shipping partners at a competitive rate. To find out more about shipping via our service centers, please contact our office. Note that if you attend our service center without first confirming use of our services, we may not be able to accept your documents.

Here is a small checklist of the documents you should be sending in your shipment to our office, regardless of if you use our service center or not. It is also helpful to have them in the same order as this list, too!

  1. The order forms given to you by one of our agents (completed and physically signed by you)
  2. The documents you will be processing for use overseas (ensure you have provided scans to one of our experts before shipping them!)
  3. The requirements for legalization at the embassy (be sure to read your confirmation email carefully so you don’t miss any!)
  4. A return shipping waybill or envelope if you choose to provide one

Going through this checklist before shipping your documents to our office will help ensure there are no delays in the process. This is especially true if you are overseas, since forgetting a single requirement might result in over a week of unnecessary delay. Always triple check your documents before shipping them to us. This will help ensure your Canadian documents will be ready for use overseas in no time. Click below to get started with the experts in Canadian documents for use abroad, ALSC!

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