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Egypt carries a history unlike any other. It is not only home to one of the great wonders of the world, but to a diverse and growing economy. People from all over the world have taken an interest in Egypt as a result, especially foreign businesses and investors. Not surprisingly, many of these businesses and investors are Canadian and each year, dozens rush to participate in Egypt’s wealth. These endeavors naturally require the use of numerous Canadian documents such as Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, ISO certificate, Manufacturer’s Certificate, and corporate Power of Attorney. However, documents issued in foreign countries must go through a process of validation. You may have heard of the widely used apostille process, or the attestation process which is frequently used by many countries in the Middle East. Both processes verify the legitimacy of a document that was not issued within the country, in this case within Egypt. However, Canada has not signed the Hague apostille convention and does not offer attestation. Instead, Canada uses the original process of authentication and legalization. If you have Canadian documents that need to be used in Egypt, they will need to go through this process.

Canadian Document Attestation, Authentication Legalization for Egypt

Authentication happens here in Ottawa at Global Affairs Canada. Prior to authenticating your Canadian documents, Global Affairs Canada has requirements that need to be met. The most important requirement here is the signature on your documents. Most Canadian documents require the signatures of either a notary public or lawyer. Some documents such as Canadian vital statistics documents and RCMP police checks contain signatures that are recognized by Global Affairs Canada, meaning they do not require additional processes such as notarization. Authentication can take up to 20 business days. Legalization also takes place here in Ottawa at the consular section of the Egyptian embassy. They also have their own requirements to legalize your Canadian documents. These involve fees and additional documentation, and these requirements tend to change quite frequently. This is the most difficult step of the process and where most delays occur. The Egyptian embassy also has its own processing time for legalization which can vary significantly. Without assistance, authentication and legalization can take months to complete properly. This can be incredibly stressful and costly, especially if there are deadlines to meet. This is why thousands of Canadians every year choose the affordable and stress-free alternative: ALSC.

For over 25 years we have been helping Canadians with their affairs in Egypt. From law firms, pharmaceutical companies, and engineering firms, to professionals, famous musicians, and renown politicians, we have made all manner of Canadian documents valid for foreign use in more than 100 countries and for countless purposes. We have built strong relationships with agents at Global Affairs Canada as well as consular staff at the Egyptian embassy, both located minutes away from our head office in Ottawa. These relationships allow us to be up to date on their changing requirements and in some cases even know them in advance. This allows us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service and ensure minimal delays during the authentication and legalization process. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the processing time at the Egyptian embassy or any other foreign embassy. However, we can save you as much as 20 business days on our priority same day authentication service, authenticating your documents the same day they arrive in our office. We also offer a standard 3 business day and economy 10 day authentication service which may better suit your needs. Regardless of your service speed, you save time and minimize delays. When you use our services, you get your own personal agent to assist you in preparing your Canadian documents for authentication and legalization. They will also update you at every stage, answer any questions you may have, and address any concerns that might arise during the process. Upon completion, we can ship your documents anywhere in the world they need to go via one of our many trusted shipping partners. If you have Canadian documents for use in Egypt, contact us. Continue reading for additional information about Canadian documents in Egypt and how we can help you.

Canadian Corporate Pharmaceutical Documents for use in Egypt

Each year, numerous Canadian businesses and innovators set their sights on Egypt. Whether to renew product licences, sell pharmaceuticals on the Egyptian market, partner with Egyptian corporations, or modify existing subsidiaries in Egypt, corporate affairs in Egypt will require some accompanying documents. There are a dozens of Canadian corporate documents that are frequently requested for use in Egypt. These include but are not limited to ISO certificate, SCC certificate, CPP, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, and Corporate Power of Attorney. The exact Canadian corporate documents you will require for use in Egypt depends entirely on the demands of the requesting party in Egypt. Keep in mind that there may be additional processes you will have to through in Egypt in addition to authentication and legalization here in Canada. Always check with your affiliates in Egypt to ensure you give yourself sufficient time to prepare and process your documents, and to double check if you have the correct documents. As an existing Canadian business, you should be familiar with many of these documents and how to get them. Canadian corporate documents require notarization by a notary public or lawyer to be valid for authentication at Global Affairs Canada. Some Canadian corporate documents cannot risk being damaged or lost due to their value or because they are very difficult to have reissued. In these cases, notarized copies should be made and processed instead. Many of our clients choose to do this and we can do this for you as well when you use our services. Keep in mind that lawyers can also draft select corporate documents for you such as a corporate power of attorney. If you need Articles of Amendment or Articles of Amalgamation, you can get them by completing the forms which can be found by clicking here. Alternatively, if you have a Canadian commercial invoice or certificate of origin for use in Egypt, you can use the “TradeCert” Certification Made Simple service from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to certify your documents. The signatures from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are recognized by Global Affairs Canada which makes them valid for authentication. Since the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is located here in Ottawa, we can even pick up your signed documents directly from the Chamber free of charge. As members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, it is our pleasure to do so for our clients. We can even process your Commercial Invoices and Certificates of Origin if you send them to us via email. If you are interested in either of these options, please contact us. Many of our clients choose to do this as it saves them time.

Trust the experts with your Canadian Documents for use in Egypt

As the first to provide this service to Canadians, we have since developed an expertise unlike any other in our industry. Our service guarantee means we ensure your Canadian documents will be valid for use in Egypt or any other country you may need to use them in. The processes we created have become the industry standards, and we are always pushing to make authentication and legalization as fast and efficient as possible for our clients. One of the ways we have done this is through our service centers. We have over a dozen service centers in major cities across Canada which allow our clients to drop off their documents and receive free shipping to our head office via FedEx for processing. This saves you a trip to the post office as well as shipping costs. Please note that you must call our head office and make an appointment beforehand, otherwise your documents may not be accepted. Once your documents have been completed, we can send them back via FedEx for free for pick up at any one of our service centers, or ship them anywhere else in the world they may need to go at an additional cost. If you have Canadian documents for use in Egypt, don’t take the risk. Trust the experts at ALSC. We will take care of everything and promise you a service quality unlike any other. Click below to get started!

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