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Canada’s International Document Experts

Getting our start 30 years ago in the legal industry allows us an understanding and connection with the legal professionals we serve. Here at ALSC it is our mission to provide the best support, so you have the answers when you need them and more importantly your clients have the international document experts working for them.

Depending on your area of practice this could be something new for you. While others practicing international law will have come across the various processes for the validation of documents for use in a country other than the one in which it was issued or where it will be notarized.

For those doing this for the first time, here in Canada we have a two-step process called the Authentication and Legalization of a document. This involves authentication of the document at Global Affairs Canada then legalization at the embassy of the country where it is going to be used. In some cases, provincial authentication may be required, and jurisdictional rules may apply, but not to worry we confirm these details with you since they can change often and without notice.

If there is one tip we can pass on before getting started, it is that it’s important that your client has the correct documents for the specific process they are doing in the foreign country. This list of required documents will come from the requesting party such as in-country legal counsel, Government officials, or an international party your client is doing business with.

Authentication & Legalization or in some countries it’s called Apostille

For the first step of authentication at Global Affairs Canada the test is dependent on the document presented. Some Canadian documents have an official signature on it that allows it to be authenticated, while others may need further attention such as notarization or certified true copies. There are also additional rules if the document is not in one Canada’s official languages English or French or includes a foreign language. If this is the case for you not to worry, we do offer translation services. One of the best reasons to use our authentication service is that we can save 20+ business days processing time which gets you to the next stage quicker.

The second step of legalization at the embassy consulate can be the most difficult one in the process. Rules can change suddenly, and extra requirements can be requested dependent on the document or what it will be used for in country. For some this is a problem but our experience working with the diplomatic community allows us a distinct advantage in assuring that your clients sensitive document is processed efficiently.

Getting started is easy, simply call us at 1-800-336-1132 or send us a request online and one of our experts will reply with details including estimated processing times and fees.

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