Apostille document certification in Canada with The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Certificate of Origin & Commercial Invoice Certification Canadian Chamber of Commerce

If manufacturing or shipping products outside Canada you will be required to present a Certificate of Origin or Commercial Invoice to the respective countries customs authority. In addition they may be required for other reasons, such as for use by freight forwarders or by banks for letters of credit. Other common documents used in these circumstances are confirmation of business registration and agency representation agreements. These important commercial documents must be presented in the standard accepted format having further been notarized. Once this has been completed they are ready for the certification process. Find out more about the certification of documents from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as they outline the process and the requirements in detail.

Commercial Export Certificate for use outside Canada

Once certification has taken place the documents are ready for the authentication and legalization process the equivalent to an apostille certificate to be valid for use outside Canada. As proud members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce we have over the years assisted small and large businesses to ensure their out of country commercial documents are processed quickly and properly.

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