Certain foreign processes may require that you Apostille, Authenticate and Legalize a copy of your passport. In order to do this you must obtain a notarized copy of your passport. Once made into a notarized copy it can be authenticated by Foreign Affairs Canada (DFATD/JLAC) here in Ottawa. Once authenticated it will allow for the legalization at the embassy for which country the passport is to be used which it will then be the equivalent to an Apostille Certificate. This may apply to other personal identity documents such as a driver’s licence, citizenship certificate card or any other government issued identification. Since many countries have strict rules for these type of documents to ensure the guaranteed quick and successful processing you should hire an expert to assist you. Should you need a passport see Passport Canada for more information about the process.

To find more information about the apostille, authentication or legalization of a passport for use outside Canada contact Authentication Legalization Services Canada. Canada’s first and foremost authentication and legalization service at 1-800-336-1132 toll free in North America or

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