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Using a Canadian University Degree Internationally

In order for your Canadian university degree or college diploma to be accepted outside Canada as being valid it must be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by the embassy of the country you will be using it in. Once it has followed this two step process it will be the equivalent to an Apostille Certificate outside Canada. The original degree or diploma can be processed or as alternative a Canadian notarized copy. If you need a notarized copy of your degree for processing, to save the original, we can help no matter where you are in the world using our international notary services. This process also applies to other educational documents such as High School Diplomas, Transcripts, Enrollment Letters and Professional Certificates to name a few.

To legalize your educational document some countries may have other requirements that must be fulfilled for your document to be processed properly. In some countries they may refer to the legalization process as Attestation or even Authentication but they mean the same and are the equivalent to each other. Whether you are using your Canadian educational document in China, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Qatar, United States, UAE or anywhere outside Canada our 30 years of assisting people relocate is at your service.

To find more information about the apostille, authentication or legalization of a Canadian University Degree or College Diploma for use outside Canada see this great information article that will help make the process easier for you.

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