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As part of the regulatory affairs process for international health care markets you will be required to have your Health Canada Certificate authenticated and legalized before using it in such countries as Mexico, Panama, UAE ask about the country you will be applying to. This will be the case for a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP Certificate), Health Canada Medical Device Licence, Health Canada Medical Device Certificate, Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate of Compliance (GMP Certificate) ask us about your certificate.

Regulatory Affairs assistance with the authentication of Health Canada Certificates

The first step of authentication takes place at Foreign Affairs here in Ottawa. Recognized by Health Canada we have assisted professionals in the regulatory affairs field with the authentication of documents for over 20 years. Depending on the certificate it may require additional attention before processing, our expert consultation will ensure that your certificate will be authenticated guaranteed. Our secure commercial setting provides peace of mind that your sensitive certificates are safe and in good hands. The normal processing time for Foreign Affairs is between 15-25 business days but our services allow you quick 1, 3, 10 business day service depending on your time line.

Apostille, Legalization of Health Canada Certificates what you need to know

Once we have authenticated your Health Canada Certificate it can now be presented to the embassy or consulate for the country you will be using it in. As Canada’s first provider of authentication and legalization services we have worked closely with all the countries. Our experience is at your side to make sure you meet the requirements in order to save time and money. Once the certificate has been authenticated and legalized it will be recognized as having an Apostille Certificate in a country that has signed the Hague Apostille Convention. Keeping you updated through- out the process and upon completion our shipping made easy provides tracking details for your Health Canada Certificate.

If you need Authentication and Legalization or information about the Apostille or Attestation of Canadian Regulatory Affairs documents we can help.

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