Divorce Certificate

When dealing with certain life events such as getting married and being previously married or having your divorce recognized outside Canada you may be required to provide a Divorce Certificate, Divorce Judgment, Certificate of Divorce or Divorce Order that has been apostilled, authenticated and legalized. This may also apply with estate court documents such as Wills or Death Certifcates.

I can’t find my Canadian Divorce Certificate where can I get a new one

Unfortunately many of our clients for what ever the reason do not have the correct documents or not the originals. By checking on our Apostille, Authentication & Legalization resources page you will be able to find the court able to assist you in obtaining these important documents. When ordering please note that most court offices will allow you to have the document delivered to a third party i.e. our office. Many of our clients choose this option because it saves transit time, allowing your document to be authenticated and legalized more quickly. If you do have the original and do not want to use it for the process for whatever the reason not a problem we can assist with making a notarized copy.

If you need to Apostille, Authenticate or Legalize your divorce or estate document we can help contcat Authentication Legalization Services Canada.

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