Canadian Document Attestation for use in Lebanon

The coastal nation of Lebanon is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Levantine region. One of its many wonders enjoyed by both citizens and tourists alike is the unique ability to go skiing in the mountains and bask in the warm Mediterranean breeze on the beach in the same day. Aside from its natural allure, Lebanon has experienced considerable economic growth over the past two decades. This has opened new avenues of business within the country and attracted a host of foreign investment at the corporate and individual level. With an estimated quarter million people of Lebanese decent living in Canada, Canada has both a close personal and professional relationship with Lebanon. Each year, thousands of documents are exchanged between the two countries for various purposes. As you might imagine, these documents cannot simply be accepted as valid in their original form in either country. If you are Lebanese or elsewhere from the Middle East you may be familiar with the process of document Attestation which is frequently used in the Middle East. In contrast, Canada uses a two step process that is known as authentication and legalization for making Canadian documents valid for use overseas, including Lebanon. Therefore, if you have Canadian documents for use in Lebanon you will have to go through this two step process.

Canadian Document Authentication Legalization for use in Lebanon

Authentication and legalization is easy to understand but can be difficult to do, especially without assistance. The first step of Authentication is the easiest but also the most time consuming. It takes place at Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa and it can take up to 20 business days to get your documents authenticated if you sent them by mail or courier. The staff at Global Affairs Canada authenticate (verify) the signature of an authorized individual such a Canadian lawyer or notary public and place their stamp seal and signature on your document. The second step of legalization is usually shorter but can be much more complicated. Legalization takes place at the consular section of the Lebanese embassy which is also here in Ottawa. The consul legalizes (verifies) the signature of the Global Affairs Canada staff and places his or her own stamp seal and signature on your document. Once this has been done, your Canadian document is valid for use in Lebanon. Your document can only be legalized once it has been authenticated and any associated requirements have been provided to the embassy. However, there are also requirements for authentication that need to be met as well. These requirements also change over time. Because of this, it can easily take over a month to have your documents authenticated and legalized for use in Lebanon. This tends to be incredibly stressful and even more so if there are deadlines that you must meet in Lebanon. Luckily there is an easy way to speed up this process, minimize delays, and ensure your document will be valid for use in Lebanon.

Over 25 years ago we helped our first client make their documents valid for use outside of Canada. Since then, we have helped tens of thousands of Canadians and others around the world authenticate and legalize their documents for use in over 150 countries. With our services you can save up to 20 business days of processing time with our priority same day authentication service. This means that we have your documents authenticated on the same day they arrive in our office. We also offer a standard 3 business day authentication service and 10 business day authentication service that is ideal if you are processing multiple documents on a budget. Either way you save time and stress. Most importantly, you are covered by our service guarantee which ensures your documents are properly authenticated and legalized for use in Lebanon or elsewhere. When you choose ALSC our agents make sure your documents are ready for processing and advise you as to any additional requirements you may need to provide. You will receive detailed updates at every step of the process and will have an agent ready to answer your questions and address your concerns at any time during our office hours. Upon completion we can send your documents anywhere in the world they need to go through one of our many trusted shipping partners. If you have Canadian documents that you need to use in Lebanon, contact us. Below you can find more information about some Canadian documents you may need to use in Lebanon.

Canadian Corporate and Pharmaceutical Documents for use in Lebanon

There are dozens of different kinds of corporate documents that you may require for use in Lebanon. These can range from pharmaceutical documents such as a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate, or an International Trade Certificate to more common corporate documents such as a certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, corporate power or attorney, or a price certificate. As an existing company you are likely familiar with most of these documents and how to get them. In fact, you may already have your Canadian corporate documents notarized by your lawyer or notary public and are ready to begin the process. Indeed, although some corporate documents such as those issued by Health Canada or Industry Canada contain signatures that are recognized by Global Affairs Canada, there are many corporate documents that will require notarization to be valid for processing. There are also some circumstances where notarized copies should be made of the original documents. This is commonly done when the document is difficult to have reissued or simply cannot risk being damaged or lost during processing. If you have your documents ready to go, take a minute to check that the stamp, seal, and signature of the lawyer are all legible and match. If there is a signature missing, or if the name is not easily legible or does not match the stamp or seal, Global Affairs Canada may not be able to authenticate your documents. Having worked closely with Canadian businesses from the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and legal industries for over two decades, our staff are specialized in handling corporate documents for use in foreign countries. When you choose our services you will know your documents are in the hands of the experts and that your deadlines will be met.

Canadian University Degree, Transcripts, Diploma for use in Lebanon

One of the most commonly requested documents for personal purposes in Lebanon are documents related to education. These can include a Canadian university degree, Canadian transcripts, or a Canadian high school diploma for use in Lebanon. Unlike many other documents, most Canadian educational documents contain the signature of an individual that is recognized as a valid authority by Global Affairs Canada. These include people such as school principals and university registrars. However, educational documents issued by institutions such as private schools will likely require notarization. When you choose our services we can help you figure this out and provide notarization services if necessary. Furthermore, it is common that the educational document contains a signature but no written name. As such, it is a good idea to contact the university or high school directly and find out who signed your document regardless of whether or not you choose to use our services. This will ensure that Global Affairs Canada can authenticate your Canadian educational documents without any issues. Depending on whether or not you a Lebanese citizen, you may need to provide additional requirements for legalization. The same is true if you have other personal documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate for use in Lebanon. We recommend you contact us or the embassy directly as there are very specific requirements for personal documents.

Since finishing high school and graduating from university are great achievements, it is likely you have these documents somewhere ready in accessible location. If not, or if your educational documents are not in good condition, you can order copies from the high school or university. If you need to do this we strongly recommend you have your educational documents sent directly to our office for processing especially if you are not currently in Canada. This can save you a lot of processing time and is also a popular choice with many of our clients. Refer to the useful links below to order a Canadian university degree for use in Lebanon.

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Authentication and Legalization Experts for Lebanon

Getting your Canadian documents ready for use in Lebanon can seem like an impossible task at some points. Indeed, authentication and legalization is one of many complicated processes that many Canadians go through every year. What makes this process so difficult is that it is often hard to find correct information regarding fees and requirements for authentication and legalization. Furthermore, it becomes very difficult to resolve any issues which may arise during the process as it may be difficult to contact the embassy or Global Affairs Canada directly; both are often busy addressing other inquiries. Having worked closely with Global Affairs Canada and the Lebanese embassy in Ottawa, we have built a strong professional relationship that allows us to be in the loop on changing requirements and fees as well as resolve any issues that may arise at a moments notice. The result of this reputation is a level of service that is unmatched in our field. Our A+ rating with the BBB and countless 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google are proof of this fact. We are also the most accessible service provider in our industry and have over a dozen service centers across Canada that allow our clients to receive free shipping via FedEx to and from our headquarters in Ottawa for processing. Please note that you must first confirm use of our services and make an appointment through our head office before being eligible for free shipping via FedEx to and from any one of our service centers. As the first company to provide this service you can trust that you have come to the right place when it comes to your international document needs. Click below to get started with your Canadian documents for use in Lebanon!

Lebanon Canada Authentication Legalization documents

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