UAE Degree attestation Apostille Authentication Legalization

As Canada’s first provider of authentication and legalization services we have assisted with a wide range of documents including degree, diploma, professional certificate, power of attorney, business registration for use in the United Arab Emirates UAE. This process is also called Attestation the ultimate goal is to have your documents validated to work in the UAE as either a Teacher, Engineer, Nurse or Doctor to name a few.

Degree & Diploma Authentication Global Affairs Canada

Although each document has a separate set of rules and guidelines for the legalization process all must be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa. Find out more UAE information here about how we can assist with the first step of the process of authentication. Once authenticated the document is now ready for legalization at the UAE Embassy , although with additional requirements, which can be confusing. As the procedure and time needed for validation and the gathering of the required documents for legalization can be an overwhelming task we will take the necessary steps to ensure you will be prepared and stress free.

Canadian Degree Attestation Legalization Information UAE Embassy Ottawa

To find more information about the authentication, legalization, attestation of your Canadian document for use in the UAE contact Authentication Legalization Services Canada at 1-800-336-1132 toll free in North America or

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