How to make your Canadian document official in Portugal the authentication process

If moving, working or doing business in Portugal, you will be asked to have your Canadian document authenticated and legalized before using it. What does this mean? For a Canadian document to be accepted as being valid in Portugal, it must first be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa.

Before a document can be authenticated, it must meet requirements set out by Global Affairs Canada that often change and can be confusing to understand. Our consultation with you ensures that your document will meet the requirements, this is backed by our service guarantee. Although when dealing with Foreign Affairs directly it can take 25 business days to process your documents, we offer 1, 3 or 10 business day service speeds, depending on your time line.

Authentication and Legalization of Canadian documents for use in Portugal is equal to an Apostille

After the document has been authenticated, we are now able to present it to the Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa for legalization. Although the embassy also has rules and requirements, including fees, our consultation with you allows for the quick and trouble free processing of your document.

As happens, you may also be required to provide a translation of your Canadian document into Portuguese. As Canada’s one stop authentication and legalization services, we contract daily with several translation firms to give you the best price and service. Once your document is authenticated and legalized it is the equivalent to an Apostille in Portugal.

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