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How to make your Canadian document official for use in Russia

The Russian Consulates are some of the busiest Consulates in Canada. Sharing a similar geography Canada has long been a destination for Russians looking for a new homeland. In addition, many Canadians do business or have settled in Russia permanently. With this comes the need for authentication and legalization of documents. Over the past 30 years we had the pleasure of helping many start a new life or validate documents for use in Russia

Canadian Authentication and Legalization is equal to Russian Apostille

As each have come with a variety of documents our authentication and legalization service experts have worked hard to ensure all have met the requirements. Changes to the legalization process for Canadian documents for use in Russia means that all documents need to be submitted to the consular office responsible or by using a private service. Plus you will need to include any additional requirements. which will depend on the type of document you need to process for Russia.

Authentication at Global Affairs Canada

Before legalization can take place the first step of authentication with the Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa is required. In addition to professional documents we have authenticated and legalized various documents for use in Russia including birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, police check, degree, power of attorney, tax residency certificate ask us about your document. Although Global Affairs Canada currently taking 50-55 business days or to even respond to enquires we can get you the answers you need now.

Legalization at a Russian Consulate in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal

The final step of document legalization at the Russian Federation Embassy or Consular office in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal can be confusing for someone who is not familiar with the process. Without the assistance of an expert due to the recent rule changes and strict adherence to them it can mean delays or the non processing of an important document if not followed correctly. As we have a strong working relationship with all of the Russian Federation consular offices in Canada our experience is at your service to provide peace of mind that your document will be authenticated and legalized guaranteed.

If you need Authentication and Legalization or information about Apostille in Russia we can help.

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