USA Military Attestation Authentication Apostille Legalization

Being in the United States military, you might get a request from your Commanding Officer to get an Apostille for your Canadian documents like a Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate or any other document that originates in Canada. Since Canada has not signed the Hague Apostille Convention we do not have an Apostille process, but rather follow the original two step process of Authentication and Legalization that is recognized as the equivalent in the United States.

The First Step: Making sure you have the correct document that meets the authentication and legalization requirements

To make sure you have the correct document, one of our experienced agents will help you to ensure that you do. Providing you peace of mind, backed by our service guarantee, we ensure that the document will meet the authentication requirements of Global Affairs Canada and legalization requirements of the United States Embassy, both located close to our office here in Ottawa. Following the necessary steps will not only ensure that your document will be accepted at each step of the process, but it will also avoid unnecessary delays. If you do not have the correct document, not to worry, we will assist you with ordering it from the provincial vital statistics department. When ordering you will have an option to have it sent directly to our office for processing to save you valuable time and shipping fees.

The Second Step: Authentication of your Canadian document at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa

Global Affairs Canada is located here in Ottawa, close to our office, and is responsible for the authentication of official documents of Canadian origin to be used in another country. When you submit your document to Global Affairs Canada directly by mail they take 25 business days to process it. To meet your timeline, once we have received your document in our office, we can speed this up to 1, 3 or 10 business days. This way you can meet the specific date that your Commanding Officer has asked to have the Apostilled Canadian document.

The Third Step: Legalization or Apostille of your Canadian document at the United States Embassy in Ottawa

After your document has been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada it will be ready for legalization at the U.S. Embassy. Legalization is referred to as Apostille in the United States but is accepted as the equivalent. Depending on the amount of requests the U.S. Embassy has at any given time, the process can take several weeks to complete. Our trusted relationship with the embassy can shorten the process to 7 business days or faster if it is an emergency request.

The Last Step: Return Shipping of your Authenticated and Legalized document

Once completed, we can assist you with the courier of the Authenticated and Legalized document back to you using one of our shipping partners. To get started today call Canada’s experts Authentication Legalization Services Canada Toll Free from the United States or Canada at 1-800-336-1132 or

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