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Official Canadian Documents Apostille for Mauritius

Located just off the coast of Madagascar lies the thriving archipelago of Mauritius. Despite its small size, it is one of the richest countries in East Africa. This is partially due to the majority of the population speaking a blend of French, English, and local African dialects which lends itself to international relations with many French speaking countries such as Canada. Addressing matters in Mauritius, whether personal or corporate, will almost certainly involve the use of documents. These can include documents such as a Power of Attorney, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, or Certificate of Incorporation for use in Mauritius. However, documents that need to be used internationally are very rarely accepted as valid in their original form. In other words, there needs to a process to ensure the documents that are coming from or going to another country are valid and authentic. There is simply no way for every country to keep an up-to-date record of how all of the documents from other countries look and which authorities are allowed to issue them. You may have heard of the apostille or attestation process and might even be familiar with one of them. These are two names of the many processes used to validate foreign issued documents. Canada does not use the apostille or attestation process for Canadian documents that need to be used overseas. Instead, Canada uses the authentication and legalization process which was widely used by apostille countries before the Hague apostille convention was established. Many countries have signed onto this convention since it was put into place but Canada has not signed on to the convention. However, this is not a problem as authentication and legalization is legally equivalent to an apostille or attestation. If you have a Canadian document that you need to use in Mauritius, your documents will need to be authenticated and legalized before they will be accepted as valid there.

Canadian Document Authentication for Mauritius

Authentication and legalization takes place at two locations: first at Global Affairs Canada and then at the embassy of Mauritius. Both of these are located here in Ottawa, Canada. Before you begin the process you have to make sure your document is valid for authentication. There are many requirements that need to be met and they depend on the type of document. However, the most important of these is that your Canadian document contains the signature of an authority that is recognized by Global Affairs Canada. There are many such authorities including Canadian lawyers, notary publics, select signatories at Health Canada, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa. Upon seeing one of these signatures and if the document meets the other requirements, one of the staff at Global Affairs Canada will place his or her stamp, seal, and signature on the document, authenticating it. The consulate of Mauritius has their own requirements and fees which need to be met before the consul can legalize your documents. Similarly to Global Affairs Canada, the primary requirement is that your document contains the signature of a recognized authority. Since it would be tedious to keep track of all of the lawyers, notary publics, and federal authorities, most embassies limit the list of recognized authorities to specific staff at Global Affairs Canada. In short, the primary requirement is that your document has been authenticated. Once all of the requirements of the Mauritian embassy consulate have been met, the consul places his or her stamp, seal, and signature on your document which legalizes it and completes the process, making your document valid for use in Mauritius. This process seems simple but is made difficult by the long processing times, requirements, changing fees, and the difficulty of resolving any issues which may arise. Indeed, it can take up to 40+ business days for Global Affairs Canada to authenticate documents that have been received by mail. The embassy of Mauritius also has its own processing time which may vary. Both of these parties are frequently difficult to reach as they are usually busy addressing the inquiries of others. This means that if any issues arise, it may take quite a while to resolve them. After accounting for shipping time, authentication and legalization can easily take over a month to complete without assistance.

For 30 years, our team at ALSC has been helping Canadians and other Canadian document holders process their Canadian documents for use in Mauritius and over 100 other countries around the world. As the first business to provide this service, we have developed the process which has become the industry standard and have become the experts in all Canadian documents. Located minutes away from Global Affairs Canada and the Mauritian consulate and Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Our service guarantee gives you assurance that your document will be properly authenticated and legalized for use in Mauritius. For three decades we have built a strong professional relationship with the the Honorary Consul. We are always up to date with changing requirements and fees and are frequently the first to be aware of them. This is because our reputation of professionalism has granted us a level of trust and communication which further facilitates the process and allows us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service. When you use our services, our experts guide you through the process and advise you as to which requirements and additional documents you may need to provide for authentication and legalization. Upon receiving your documents you will receive detailed updates at every stage of the process until completion. Our agents will be available at all times during our office hours to answer any questions and address any concerns which may arise throughout the process. Upon completion we can ship your documents anywhere in the world through one of our many trusted shipping partners. If you have Canadian documents that need to be used in Mauritius and you have a deadline to meet, we strongly recommend you contact us immediately. With our services you will minimize delays and ensure your documents are processed as quickly as possible. Feel free to continue reading for more information about some Canadian documents which are frequently used in Mauritius.

Canadian Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate Divorce Certificate for Mauritius

Canadian vital statistics documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and Death Certificates are some of the most commonly processed documents for international use. These documents are fairly easy to process as they contain signatures which are recognized by staff at Global Affairs Canada and are therefore valid for processing in their original form. Canadian birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates are issued by the provincial vital statistics office of the province in which the life event occurred. These documents do not require notarization and although notarized copies can be made they are not recommended as it may be less costly to simply order a new vital statistics document. Furthermore, marriage certificates issued by the church or death certificates issued by the funeral home cannot be authenticated even if they have been notarized. Marriage certificates and death certificates must come from the provincial vital statistics office to be valid for authentication. It is likely that you have your Canadian birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate ready in an accessible location. If this is the case, take note that for this process the preferred size of vital statistics documents such as birth certificates are the long form versions. In fact, if you have a wallet sized birth certificate Global Affairs Canada cannot authenticate it. As such, it is always best to get the long form versions of these documents wherever possible, and each provincial issuing body may refer to these documents differently (e.g. copy of an act of birth, registration of live birth, etc). If you do not currently have your Canadian birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate for use in Mauritius, refer to the useful links below. You can have your document sent directly to our office for processing and many of our clients choose to do this as it can save them processing time especially if they are not currently living in Canada. Here is a link to our where to order a document for the authentication and legalization process.

Canadian Power of Attorney for Mauritius

Another document which you may require for use in Mauritius is a Canadian power of attorney. This can be for reasons related to the sale of or management of property in Mauritius. In contrast to Canadian vital statistics documents, a power of attorney must be notarized by a Canadian lawyer or notary public. They can also draft your power of attorney to your specifications but you can also find power of attorney templates on the Internet to get an idea of what you will need to include if you choose can bring a draft to present to a lawyer for notarization. Always make sure to consult with a lawyer especially if you need a power of attorney for corporate or business related purposes. If you already have your power of attorney notarized take a minute to make sure that the stamp, seal, and signature of the lawyer or notary public are all present. If a stamp, seal, or signature is missing, the document may not be accepted for authentication at Global Affairs Canada. The same is true if the name is not legible on the notarization, so make sure you know the name of the lawyer or notary public who notarized your document. If you need a divorce certificate for use in Mauritius, note that it is not issued by a provincial vital statistics office but by the court which finalized the divorce. This document will instead contain a signature from a clerk or justice and these signatures are occasionally not accompanied by a printed name which can make it hard for Global Affairs Canada to determine who signed your divorce certificate. Therefore, it is important to check that the name of the signatory on your divorce certificate is easily identifiable. If not, you will have to contact the court which issued your divorce certificate to find the name of the signatory. This will prevent any delays or potential rejection at Global Affairs Canada.

ALSC The Canadian Mauritius Document Experts

Authentication and legalization is a difficult process to go through without assistance. Every day our agents see dozens of people turned away at both Global Affairs Canada and at various embassies for failing to take note of recent changes in requirements, processing times, or simply failing to remember or understand them. Delays are very common in this process and they can be disastrous. Clear instruction and communication is by far the most crucial factor in ensuring a smooth and stress-free authentication and legalization. However, this is very difficult to achieve when going through this process alone, unless you have the experts at your side. As mentioned, we will be here to provide that clear instruction and communication and will help you reach your deadline. You can also skip the waiting in line at the post office and drop off their documents and receive free shipping via FedEx to our headquarters in Ottawa for processing. Free shipping back to any one of our service centers via FedEx is also provided upon completion, or shipping to any other destination in the world at an additional cost. No matter what your documents are our experts can help. Click below to get started with the experts in Canadian documents for Mauritius!

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