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Montreal Authentication Legalization Services

ALSC are Canada’s first authentication and legalization specialists; the Canadian process considered the legal equivalent to an Apostille stamp or what is also known as Attestation. Our Montreal service center is just one of the reasons to choose us to help you validate your Canadian document for use internationally. Specializing in the authentication and legalization of Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Degrees from Concordia or McGill for example, as well as corporate documents issued in Quebec for use internationally is our primary focus.

Global Affairs Canada Document Authentication – First Step For International Certification

Whether you work for a corporation or live in and around Montreal and need to get your document authenticated and legalized, ALSC’s Montreal Service Center can help you. When you use one of our Canada-wide Service Centers you get free FedEx overnight shipping to our National Headquarters in Ottawa, a cost savings to you. This gets your documents within minutes of Global Affairs Canada where authentication takes place and within reach of all the embassies where the second step of legalization happens.

The ALSC Montreal Service Center can have your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Degree or corporate document validated for international use. If you are not sure whether your document is the correct type for Authentication at Global Affairs Canada, not to worry, our consultation will make sure that it does. It’s also important to note that Global Affairs Canada current processing time for authentication is up to 70+ business days so the key is to get started ASAP if you have a tight timeline. Please note that the authentication at Global Affairs Canada is not the same as a provincial authentication.

Embassy Consulate Legalization – The Final Step

Most of the embassies or consulates for countries such as Argentina, China, Kuwait, Mexico, the Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, the UAE and the USA only accept the federal authentication from Global Affairs Canada to legalize documents. Once you become our client, our experts will ensure that your document will have the proper authentication for it to be accepted by the embassy consulate. If you’re still a little confused by the process no need to worry, that’s why we’re the experts, we are here to answer all your questions.

Montreal Apostille Services – We Can Help!

As pioneers in the industry, everyone here at ALSC is proud to admit that we have listened to our clients from the Montreal region and that is why we opened a service center to serve you better. With our guaranteed process, it’s easy to validate your Quebec document for international use, whether it be a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Degree, or practically any other type of personal or corporate document, although some rules do apply. It’s also important to note that some of you may have been asked to get an Apostille for your Canadian document, this will be from a country who has signed the Hague Apostille Convention which is a newer method of validating documents for use internationally. Canada has not signed the Apostille agreement, so it continues to use the original process of authentication and legalization, but not to worry it is accepted in each country as an equivalent process, so your Canadian document will be accepted in an Apostille country once it has been authenticated and legalized.

Avoid stress and save time with your Canadian documents by hiring the ALSC authentication and legalization professionals to help you with the processing of your document for use internationally. These are only some of the advantages of using our services for your international document needs. Our specialists and our service centers located across Canada are here to help.

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