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At Authentication Legalization Services Canada we are proud of our specialized document services and commitment to our clients. Our guarantee provides assurance that your document will be processed on time and correctly. We will work closely with you, the document, and the respective authority to ensure that your document is in the correct format to ensure that it is accepted.

Our 100% Service Guarantee Includes:

  • Guaranteed authentication on the service level and time frame you choose***
  • Guaranteed authentication by Global Affairs Canada once the document has been verified by us
  • Guaranteed legalization by the requested embassy*** (some conditions may apply)

***Although we do try our best to meet timelines, most Canadian and foreign government departments are unable to perform as efficiently as they may like due to the current Covid-19 Restriction Order. This may affect our service times and as a result our guarantee. If processing issues arise due to factors beyond our control, we will confirm this with you ASAP.

Please note that Canadian documents require the two-step process of authentication and legalization in order for the document to be valid in another country. Our service guarantee does not apply to those documents that have not followed this two-step process or the process outlined by the respective country in which that document will be used.