Canadian Documents for use in Panama

There are many things that come to mind when thinking about Panama. Its beautiful landscape and tropical climate makes it a choice location for travel, marriage, and retirement. The economic boom it has experienced in the last decade has made it an equally attractive location for those seeking employment or business opportunities in Panama from all over the world, including Canada. There is an almost endless list of personal and professional opportunities in Panama and almost all of these will require some form of documentation to make a reality. Canadians looking to take advantage of Panama’s opportunities will have to provide some Canadian documents for use in Panama. However, there needs to be a way for authorities in Panama to verify whether a foreign issued document such as a Canadian document is legitimate. You may have been told about the apostille process which is used in Panama and dozens of other countries. You may even be familiar with this process or have at least been told that you will need to get a Canadian apostille on your documents for use in Panama. You may not know that Canada has not signed the Hague apostille convention like Panama and many other countries and therefore does not have an apostille process. Instead, Canada uses the original process that was used by all countries prior to the apostille. This process is known as authentication and legalization and is equivalent to an apostille. It is required for every Canadian document that needs to be used in a foreign country.

Canadian Documents Apostille, Authentication and Legalization for use in Panama

How do you get authentication and legalization of your Canadian document? To start, you need to know which documents you will need to process. Each document will have its own specific requirements at the authentication stage and legalization stage. The most crucial one to know is that to begin the process at all, your Canadian document must contain an authorized signature recognized by Global Affairs Canada which is where the first step of authentication will take place. These include signatures from Canadian lawyers, notary publics, authorized staff at various Chamber of Commerce locations across Canada, from the RCMP, and from various provincial vital statistics offices. Upon seeing any one of these signatures, the agents at Global Affairs Canada will place their stamp, seal, and signature on the document which authenticates it. This can take up to 20 business days for them to do with documents they receive by mail or courier. Once this step has been completed, you are ready for legalization at the consular section of the embassy in which the documents need to be used. In this case it would be the embassy of Panama also located here in Ottawa. The consul will check your documents to see if they all contain the signatures of one of the agents at Global Affairs Canada, and once you have provided the additional requirements and fees, will place his or her own stamp, seal, and signature on your documents. In the case of Panama, this is done with a certificate which is attached to each document. The Embassy of Panama has its own processing time for legalization which varies and its associated fees and requirements are subject to frequent change. It is easy to see that the process is simple on paper but can be very difficult in practice. In fact, it is very unlikely to do correctly on the first attempt even if you are familiar with the process. Delays are very common yet cannot be tolerated in many circumstances when there are deadlines to meet. The total processing time can exceed a month or two which is simply not acceptable. Thankfully, there is a way to expedite this process at an affordable cost.

As our name makes evident, we provide the service of authentication and legalization. This means that we go in person on your behalf with your documents to Global Affairs Canada and then present them to the appropriate embassy which is very often also here in Ottawa. We have been doing this for over 25 years and are the first company to provide this service. We have helped tens and thousands of professional individuals, retirees, students, law firms, engineering companies, and pharmaceutical companies with their Canadian documents for use abroad. We are experts in RCMP police checks, pension letters, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificate of incorporation, good manufacturing practice certificate, international trade certificate, certificate of pharmaceutical product and many more for use in over 100 countries including Panama. The processes we have developed have become the industry standards. These include our authentication service speeds which can save you as much 20 business days from your total processing time. That is our priority same day authentication service; your documents are authenticated the same day they arrive in our office. We also offer a 3 business day service which is an ideal compromise between speed an affordability, and an economy 10 business day service that allows you to process multiple documents on a budget. Either way you save time and the delays you avoid with our services save you money in the long run. In addition, our service guarantee means we ensure your Canadian documents will be valid for use in the country of your choice. This gives our clients a sense of security they cannot get when they go through the process alone; authentication and legalization are guaranteed to be completed. Upon confirming use of our services, one of our experts will assist you in preparing your documents and any associated requirements for authentication and legalization. Once we have your documents you will receive detailed updates from the start until the end of the process ensuring your mind is at ease. Our agents will be available at all times during our office hours to assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. Finally, when your documents are completed we can ship them to you or anywhere else in the world you’d like them to go via one of our many trusted shipping partners. If you have Canadian documents for use in Panama you should contact us, especially if you have a deadline to meet. In the meantime you can refer to the sections below for more information on Canadian documents commonly used in Panama.

Canadian RCMP Police Check, Pension Letter for use in Panama

Canadian police checks are commonly requested for use in Panama for reasons relating to employment, immigration, or retirement. If you are looking to retire in Panama, you may also want to have your pension letter authenticated and legalized for use in Panama. Your pension letter will first require notarization by a lawyer or notary public. The same is true of locally issued police checks, of which there are hundreds. However, locally issued police checks are rarely accepted for processing in Panama. As such, many people choose to get the RCMP police check instead. This police check is based on fingerprints as well as name and date of birth which makes it less susceptible to error. It is also usually preferred by requesting authorities in Panama and elsewhere since the RCMP is a Globally trusted and recognized law enforcement authority. Furthermore, RCMP police checks come with a signature that is on file at Global Affairs Canada making it valid for authentication in its original state. This saves money and any additional time required to go through the notarization process. If you would like to get your RCMP police check you can do so by following the steps listed here. If you would like to get your Canadian pension plan letter (CPP) for use in Panama, click on this link to get started. It is strongly recommended that you have your RCMP police check send directly to our office if you order it from the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa. They are located minutes away from our office which means it is possible in some cases to have your RCMP police check authenticated and legalized for use in Panama in the time it would take to travel to you outside of Canada by regular mail. Many of our clients choose to do this and they are all glad that they did!

Canadian Pharmaceutical Documents, CPP, ITC, GMP for use in Panama

If you are a Canadian company looking to sell your pharmaceutical products in Panama, partner with companies in Panama, or modify existing subsidiaries in Panama then you have probably been asked to provide a series of Canadian corporate documents for use in Panama. These include but are certainly not limited to certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, CPP certificate, GMP certificate, ITC, manufacturer’s certificate, and corporate power of attorney. The exact documents you require will likely vary from purpose to purpose and this should all be made clear to you by your requesting party or affiliate in Panama. Ensure you clarify exactly which documents you will need to use in Panama in order to process them all at once. This will save you costs as well as reduce the chances of delay and error. As an existing Canadian company you probably have most of these documents on hand or know where to get them. These documents require notarization by a lawyer or notary public to be valid for authentication at Global Affairs Canada. If you have your documents nearby, take a minute to check them and make sure that they have been properly stamped, sealed, and signed by the lawyer or notary public, that the name is legible, and that the stamp, seal, and signature all match. This is often overlooked and is one of the most common causes for delay with corporate documents for use in Panama. There are some cases where making a notarized copy of your corporate documents is preferred, especially when the original is difficult to draft or too valuable to risk damage or loss during the process. Again, make sure to check with the appropriate parties in Panama as to whether notarized copies will suffice or if original Canadian corporate documents will be required.

Canadian Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate for use in Panama

Canadian vital statistics documents are other documents commonly required for use in Panama. This can be for a variety of reasons related to citizenship or immigration, marriage, or inheritance. Like RCMP checks, Canadian birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates contain signatures recognized by Global Affairs Canada which makes them ready for authentication the moment they are issued. When it comes to vital statistics documents the most important things to keep in mind is that they must be obtained from the vital statistics office of the province in which the life event occurred. Marriage certificates issued by the church and death certificates issued by the funeral home cannot be authenticated even if they have been notarized by a Canadian lawyer or notary public. Also, it is preferable to get long form versions of these documents wherever possible. Wallet sized birth certificates cannot be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and many embassies only accept long form vital statistics documents. These can be referred to as a registration of live birth or a copy of an act of birth depending on the issuing province. If you already have your Canadian vital statistics document, make sure it meets the requirements that have just been outlined. Furthermore, it is always best to use originals for this process. Notarized copies are not recommended since it is usually less expensive to simply order a new one. It is possible that you are having difficulty finding your Canadian birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate. This happens quite often since these documents are rarely used in Canada. If you need to order your Canadian birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate, you can do so using the links below. If you have your vital statistics document sent to our office you can save yourself time as many clients have and begin processing as soon as possible! Make sure to let us know before you do this.

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Canadian Documents in Panama Made Simple

Authentication and legalization takes a long time and a lot of effort. Extensive planning is required as well as communication, and the latter is often very difficult to achieve. Global Affairs Canada and the Panama embassy are constantly swamped with requests for assistance and as such it is rare for them to be able to address yours in a timely manner. If you decide to attempt going in person, you will have to account for the limited operating hours of Global Affairs Canada and the embassy of Panama and prepare to be told that you are missing a requirement which you will have to attain very quickly or experience a serious delay. Our agents see this almost every day both at Global Affairs Canada and many embassies in Ottawa. Dozens travel across Canada, even from across the world to go through this process and they are often the ones who are turned down at Global Affairs Canada or the embassy. They often come to us for assistance after weeks of frustration and confusion wishing that they had chosen us sooner. They are often shocked with how quickly we can process their documents and how professionally we handle all of our personal and corporate clientele. This is reflected in our A+ rating with the BBB and our 5-star reviews on both Facebook and Google. There is no doubt we are the best in our industry but we are always looking for ways to improve. This is why we have worked hard to make our services more accessible to our clients by opening over a dozen service centers across Canada in Toronto, North York, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Victoria, Surrey, Calgary, Halifax, and Montreal. When you become our client, you become eligible for free shipping to our head office via FedEx when you drop off your documents at any one of our service centers. Not only that but you receive free shipping back to any service center for pickup once your documents have been authenticated and legalized for use in Panama. We can also send them anywhere else in the world they need to go at an affordable cost. Don’t risk delays and do it right the first time. Stress free with ALSC; click below to get started with the experts and your Canadian documents in Panama!

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