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Having a Saskatchewan document validated for use internationally can be frustrating let alone knowing whether it should follow the apostille or authentication and legalization process. As the Canadian experts for international document certification this is something that we hear often at Authentication Legalization Services Canada (ALSC). To help Saskatchewan individuals and corporations certify their Canadian documents for use internationally we have opened our convenient ALSC Regina Service Center. Whether it’s a Saskatchewan Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Incorporation Certificate that maybe required while doing business in another country our experts have the answers for you.

Authentication & Legalization for Saskatchewan Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate

If you need to use a Saskatchewan issued document, or any Canadian document, outside of Canada it must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Once authenticated it then must be legalized at the embassy consulate of the country you will be using it in. This process for validating documents for international use may also be called Apostille or Attestation by some countries. As noted her in Canada we use the authentication and legalization process to validate documents for use internationally. Before beginning the process its important to have the correct document as it could cause delays. You can find out more about a specific document and what is required for the authentication and legalization process see our Quick & Easy verification on our homepage. If you need to order a new document you can find the links to help below.

Order Saskatchewan Document for Authentication and Legalization:

ALSC Regina Authentication Legalization Service Center is located at 7th Floor, 2010 – 11th Ave. Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0J3. You can see a picture of the building and a Google map below for your convenience to make it easy for when you come for your appointment to drop of your documents for authentication and legalization.

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Before going to the Regina ALSC Service Center you need to follow these 5 steps:

  1. First of all, give one of our friendly specialists a call toll-free at 1-800-336-1132 or use our Request a Quote to let us know more about your document.
  2. After having spoken with us, or received your Request a Quote, we will present your different options for our authentication and legalization services.
  3. This will also allow one of our specialists to highlight any of the embassy requirements that may be needed to prepare your document for legalization at the embassy consulate.
  4. Once we have confirmed your service options, you will be ready to drop off your document, forms and any extra requirements at our Regina Service Center. By using the Google Map above, you will be able to take advantage of our Free FedEx priority overnight shipping from our service center where they will be waiting for you.
  5. Now we do our part and you can relax. We will keep you up to date and we will let you know when your documents complete the authentication and legalization process. After this you will be able to pick your document up at our Regina Service Center, it’s that easy. The best part of this is that our services are guaranteed that your Canadian document will be received internationally or as the equivalent of an Apostille.

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