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Regina Authentication Legalization Services

Having a Saskatchewan document validated for use internationally can be frustrating let alone knowing whether it should follow the apostille or authentication and legalization process. As the Canadian experts for international document certification this is something that we hear often at Authentication Legalization Services Canada (ALSC). To help Saskatchewan individuals and corporations certify their Canadian documents for use internationally we have opened our convenient ALSC Regina Service Center. Whether it’s a Saskatchewan Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Incorporation Certificate that maybe required while doing business in another country our experts have the answers for you.

Regina Apostille Services – We Can Help!

Each year, thousands of Canadian documents are processed for use in foreign countries. Whether for personal or professional reasons, your Canadian documents will need to go through the process of authentication and legalization, Canada’s equivalent to the apostille. This is often a long and stressful process, but there is an easy solution to the endless requirements, changing fees, and delays along the way: ALSC. As experts in virtually every Canadian document, our team at ALSC make sure you have everything you need for authentication at Global Affairs Canada and legalization at the embassy consulate of the country in which your documents will be used. With 30 years of working with embassies such as the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, China, Russia, Mexico and many more, we have created strong relationships which allow us to deliver the highest quality service to our clients in our industry.

Authentication & Legalization for Saskatchewan Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate

If you need to use a Saskatchewan issued document, or any Canadian document, outside of Canada it must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Once authenticated it then must be legalized at the embassy consulate of the country you will be using it in. This process for validating documents for international use may also be called Apostille or Attestation by some countries. As noted her in Canada we use the authentication and legalization process to validate documents for use internationally. Before beginning the process its important to have the correct document as it could cause delays. You can find out more about a specific document and what is required for the authentication and legalization process here. If you need to order a new document you can find the links to help below.

Request Saskatchewan Document for Authentication and Legalization:

If you are not sure whether your document is the correct type for Authentication at Global Affairs Canada, not to worry, our consultation will make sure that it does. Regardless of your document needs, we are here to help. Save yourself a stressful and time consuming trip to the post office and use the professionals ALSC for fast and easy authentication legalization through our trusted service centers across Canada.

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