Mexico Medical Device License Apostille Authentication Legalization

Embassy of Mexico Legalization of Health Canada CPP, GMP or Medical Device Licence

Since helping a client to file their first application with Health Canada 30 years ago we have assisted the worlds smallest and largest health care manufactures to obtain their CPP, GMP or Medical Device Licences for use in Mexico. To find out more about the application process see the Health Canada site.

Once the CPP, GMP or Medical Device Licence has been issued it can begin the process of Authentication & Legalization to make it legally acceptable for use in Mexico. As Health Canada has strict rules as to the re-issuing of these documents, and in most cases our clients want to retain the originals on file, we produce a notarized copy using our in house notary services. Once made into a notarized copy it is ready for authentication with Global Affairs Canada and then legalization at Embassy of Mexico all located here in Ottawa.

Health Canada CPP, GMP and Medical Device Licence Authentication Global Affairs Canada

Once it has followed this two step process it will be the equivalent to an Apostille Certificate outside Canada. Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section takes 35-40 business days to process a request if dealing with them by mail or courier. If there is any problem or they cannot read the signature it can add 35 business days to the process but we have a quick solution. Our document authentication services guarantees your time line for completion with the experts to answer your questions from start to finish.

Our 30 years of working with the diplomatic community across Canada is at your service. To find more information about how we can help you Apostille, Authenticate and Legalize your CPP, GMP or Medical Device Licence for use in Mexico or anywhere outside Canada call us at 1-800-336-1132 toll free in North America or get a personal quote below or If you want to learn more see our Official Guide to Legally using Canadian Documents in Mexico.

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