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As part of the regulatory affairs process to have a product accepted in another country, you will have to have certain documents authenticated and legalized. The validation process of Authentication and Legalization in Canada may also be called Attestation or Apostille in other countries but is recognized as the equivalent. Countries which use apostille have signed the Hague Apostille convention; Canada has not.

Global Affairs Canada Pharmaceutical & Regulatory Certificate Authentication Requirements

Depending on the type of document, it may already have the required signature to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada. To help you confirm this feel free to scan and send your document for our experts to review. If they do not meet the requirements, our notary services will be able to make a copy which will be accepted by global affairs and the embassy or as an alternative to keep your originals documents on file for future use.

The most important advice we can pass on to our clients or those navigating the process themselves is to get started as soon as possible with Authentication at Global Affairs Canada. Why you ask? Unfortunately, in our 30 years of providing services Global Affairs Canada is taking longer than it ever has. You can find out what Global Affairs Canada current authentication processing time is here. 

Common types of Canadian Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs documents that require authentication and legalization are:

• Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP Certificate)

• Health Canada Medical Device Licence

• Health Canada Medical Device Certificate

• Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate of Compliance (GMP Certificate)

• International Trade Certificate (ITC)

• Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

Authentication Legalization Services Canada is a recognized specialist in regulatory affairs documents for use outside Canada. Find out how easy we can make the process for you!

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