Congratulations, the time has come you have decided to retire outside Canada and apply for a pensionados in a warmer climate country such as Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Uruguay ask us about your country. As each one offers its benefits including discounted travel, entertainment, hotel , medical and tax deductions it’s become an attractive choice. Before being able to make the big step you will have to gather the required documents, many of which need authentication and legalization services before being able to be presented for your pensionados.

The important documents Canadians need for a Pensionados

Depending on the country, as each have different document requirements it’s best to check with the embassy, as an example some of the common ones requested are birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, medical report, proof of pension letter and police check. Missing one of the documents? No problem our 20 years of experience helping people retire outside Canada will ensure you are prepared.

Authentication of documents for a Pensionados at Global Affairs Canada

In order for the documents to be accepted they will require authentication, the first step to being the equivalent to an apostille. Meaning each document will need to be presented to Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa whereby they will place their signature and stamp. This step, if doing it yourself, can be confusing with a 25 business day processing time. Our consultation with you will guarantee the authentication of your documents and shorten the process to 1, 3 or 10 business days.

What you need to know about Apostille for your Canadian documents to get a Pensionados in Panana

After being authenticated the documents will be ready for the legalization step at the embassy. Each country has a different set of rules, including fees, that if not strictly followed can cause delays or non processing . Our experienced in person representation with the embassy on your behalf allows the attention your important documents require to ensure your peace of mind. Once the documents have been authenticated and legalized they will be accepted as the equivalent to an apostille certificate in a country who uses the Hague Apostille process. Now that the required documents have been authenticated and legalized you are ready to apply for your pensionados application.

If you need Authentication and Legalization or Apostille information for a Pensionados we can help.

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