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If you are exporting or shipping commercial goods from Canada into Iraq, you will require authentication and legalization assistance to properly prepare your Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice.

Iraq Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice Requirements – What You Need To Know

Having Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices authenticated and legalized correctly is key to saving time and money for important international shipments. Without the assistance of an experienced expert for shipping products into Iraq, the country’s strict requirements and regulations may cause unforeseen delays or non-shipment of goods in some cases. Our up to date knowledge and long working relationship with Global Affairs Canada ensures your documents are authenticated quickly.

Assisting clientèle from the Health Care, Logistics, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries, amongst others, doing business in Iraq has become a speciality for us. Working with the smallest to the largest of firms, our expert team can offer solutions for your business.

Global Affairs Canada Authentication Requirements

Iraq Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoices require to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada before they are accepted for Iraq Consular Legalization which is also called Iraq Embassy Legalization. In order for Global Affairs to accept your document it needs to be signed by an authorized body. Our experts can assist you with the preparation of your documents.

Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin – Iraq Embassy Legalization Requirements

In addition to Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices being required to be authenticated and legalized, they do need other attention before being able to be accepted at the Embassy of Iraq near our office in Ottawa. Our in-house notary service and proud membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce assists us in meeting those requirements and is at your advantage. With 20 years of experience assisting with international shipping, our connections provide you answers to shipments that have multi country origins thus allowing for your documents to meet the requirements for any country.

Get the experts with experience on your side. If you need Authentication and Legalization of your Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice for Iraq we can help.

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