“We take great pride in providing exceptional service so it’s always rewarding to hear back from our satisfied authentication and legalization clients”
All of us @, Authentication Legalization Services Canada


MaxWin Immigration Group – Toronto
Police Check – UAE

“This is not a service, this is a super service! I have never dealt with more professionally organized group. I will tell everyone about you.”

S. Lewis – USA
Pharmaceutical Documents – Mexico

“Thank you so much for processing the legalization of our documents.  We really appreciate your hard work, and the time you take to always keep us informed of the progress. It is so refreshing to receive such outstanding customer service.”

Steve C. – UAE
Teachers Certificate, University Degree – United Arab Emirates

“Thank you for getting my documents ready for my first teaching position in the UAE. With plans of having an international career it was helpful to learn that authentication and legalization in Canada is equal to apostille and attestation in other countries.”

Robert L. – Ontario
Pension Letter – Nicaragua

“Thank you for the update… nice to do business with people that make things happen.”

Solomon S. – Montreal, Quebec
Birth Certificate – Russia

“Thank you for your email (and for all of your updates). Want to thank you for great work! Customer service, updates and timely and knowledgeable handling of the file – was fantastic from the get-go. I would definitely recommend and/or use your services again.”

Graham Edward – Bulgaria
RCMP criminal record check – Bulgaria

“I have had the opportunity to use the services of ALSC on three occasions, dating back to 2012, for a combination of authentication, legalization, and also criminal record check services. … the high level of customer service they provided was quite reassuring. … I received updates and information to again be reassured that everything was happening according to plan. As I will most likely be requiring their services again I will, without hesitation, choose ALSC.”

Teresa C. – USA
Corporate Power of Attorney – UAE (United Arab Emirates)

“I can say I am thrilled we found your service and it has been a pleasure working with you. Everyone I worked with there is efficient, competent, responsive and follows through. Thank you very much.”

Pam P. – USA
Pharmaceutical Documents Mexico

“I believe in commending a job well done. And your company does that over and over again. For the record, doing business with you is a pleasure. Your group is professional and extremely efficient! I never worry when your company is handling my legalizations.”

S. Lee – Repeat Authentication and Legalization Client
Multiple Countries (Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Panama)

“I really appreciate how you keep me updated on the status of the documents and your estimates of the turnaround time have been spot on. Working with ALSC is always a pleasure.”

B. Juttun – Halifax
Legal Documents Mauritius

“Thank you soooo very much again. Not only will I use your services again, should I need such services, but I will be recommending you as well. Top in customer service and professionalism, excellent updating process, and to you especially, over and beyond the call of duty.”

Laura P. – Toronto, Ontario
Teachers Certificate, University Degree – Qatar

“Beware of Imitators! After following an online video and step by step instructions I arrived in Ottawa to have my documents authenticated with DFAIT only to find I had been given the wrong advice. Since the Company was located in Ottawa, I went to their address and was shocked to find out it was a house. As there was no clear sign of a business I did a quick search and found ALSC whose office is located near DFAIT. After a quick visit with their Notary, I was on my way back out of town having chosen the experts to handle my authentication and legalization. Thank you ALSC I learned my lesson for next time!”

Erika C. – USA
University Degree – Spain

“I have to congratulate ALSC for their great service. As a former Sales Manager I must say that the customer support and the service provided as a whole was remarkable. It was great for me to know that I could count on ALSC to do this sensitive and stresful (since I am so far away) paperwork for me.”

Rus L. – Italy
Criminal Record Check – Italy

“I had contacted multiple Canadian companies from abroad for authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for Italy. What distinguished ALSC from others was timeliness, accuracy, transparency and completeness of their response. Once I decided to proceed with ALSC for my needs, the service was even better than I expected: I had a direct contact with one of ALSC professionals who responded prompty to all my questions and concerns, I got constant updates on the status of my documents, all the authentication, legalization and translation services were completed on time as planned and ALSC has even saved me money with respect to their original quote! I am very satisfied with ALSC service and I already started recommending your company to others with the same needs.”

Brian S. – Calgary, Alberta
Agency Agreement – Panama

“After having briefly experienced another competitor’s handling of my situation, I contacted ALSC and was relieved to find Bill and his competent staff able to fully explain and execute quickly. It became very clear who truly had the depth, knowledge and ability. In the future, there is really only one provider that I will turn to.”

D. Arrata – Alberta
Marriage Certificate – UAE

“Thank you very much for all your assistance and service. As you can imagine it was a great relief, to first find your website and service, and then to have everything handled so efficiently and professionally.”

Cliff A. – Toronto, Ontario
CRA Certificate of Residency – Russia

“Thank you for your confirmation and most of all for the GREAT SERVICE. I truly can not believe how fast and accurate your service is. Thank you very much.”

Curtis Z. – Surrey, British Columbia 
Birth Certificate – Netherlands

“Thank you for your prompt and professional service as it was a great help to me. I am particularly grateful for your up-to-date email notifications as it helps put a peace of mind to us customers who are shipping important documents across the country.”

C. Braun – Edmonton, Alberta
Power of Attorney – Mexico

“Thank you for all your updates on the progress of the whole process. It seemed very effortless on your part and we didn’t have to worry as you handled this very efficiently and professionally. You guys offer an exceptional service and I will definitely use you again and refer you to anyone needing this service.”

M. Reid
Education Documents – Austria

“Thank you very much! I had no idea the process would be completed so quickly! If I had sent the documents in to Foreign Affairs, they would just be sitting on a desk somewhere for the next few weeks! You’ve helped me a lot in my University application process! Thanks again!”

Monica T. – Burlington, Ontario
Employment Documents – Netherlands

“Thank you for the prompt service, this has saved me a huge hassle at my new job. You have accomplished in 1 day what a local service was unable to do in 3 weeks!”

Wendy W. – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canadian University Degree – UAE

“Thank you very much for this. I would like to commend both you and your company for providing such excellent service that surpassed my expectations in terms of personability, dependability, and efficiency. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Heidi C. – Vancouver, British Columbia
Incorporation Documents

“Many thanks for your efficient service. Appreciate the fact that you are easy to work with, flexible, practical and obviously very effective at getting the job done! Makes it very easy for us.”

Ria B.
Education Certificates – United Arab Emirates

“I would like to thank you and your company for your prompt and efficient service. If ever I need such services again, or given the opportunity to refer your company, I would without hesitation. It was worth every penny I spent.”

Walter G. – London, Ontario
Pension Visa Application- Costa Rica 

“The services … were exceptional in that they saved me time and effort at a time when I most needed help – the professionalism and friendly assistance were first class ! thank you.”

P. Smith – Sidney, British Columbia 
Corporate Documents

“All we can say is “WOW” the service you have given us is so rare in these times. As we have never had to use this service before we thought it would be quite a lengthy experience. Quite the opposite. It has been a real pleasure. We will strongly recommend your firm. Thank you so much.”

Helga H. – Mijas Costa, Spain
Immigration Documents Spain

“I thank you so much for the work you have done for me. Especially [my agent who] went out of her way to help me sort out my problems, with delays from [the courier], I do not know how all this could have been done in such accuracy and speed without the help of you people. I surely will recommend you … because too many people still do not know, how easy it can be, by contacting you.”

M. Sheur – Toronto, Ontario
Citizenship Documents Israel

“Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. I will definitely recommend your firm to any other individual(s) that need(s) the same or similar assistance … thank you … for excellent work.”

Brooke G. – Arizona, U.S.A.
Adoption Documents

“Thank you so much for getting that sorted so very quickly. I will definitely be telling everyone at the adoption agency about your company. It is good to find someone reliable who does what they say and does it quickly.”

L. Sauve – Montreal, Quebec
Corporate Documents

“As a lawyer with out-of-country clients it’s difficult sometimes to get the document expertise you need, well look no further, these are the document process experts.”

Derek R. – UAE 
Employment Application – United Arab Emirates

“Thanks for pushing the document through the process despite the peculiarities. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we will certainly recommend you to our friends and colleagues.”

Irina Z. – Toronto, Ontario
Adoption Documents

“Our agency has used this service for over ten years to assist our clients with their out of country document requirements. That’s testimony to excellent service!”

Andre G.
Wedding Documents – Mexico

“Thanks very much for your efficient service in authenticating and legalizing my document. I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend your firm to anyone who is looking for professional assistance in this field.”

Jose N.
Degree, Birth Certificate & Marriage Certificate – UAE

“All things have worked flawlessly, many thanks for everything. It has made my transfer easy so far. I will very much recommend your company in the future. Congrats and thanks again.”

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