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International Document Translation Services

We still hear from our long time clients that they were not aware of the Global Affairs Canada authentication requirement for the translation of foreign language documents or more importantly that ALSC offers this service by employing a certified pool of Canadian translators. A few years ago Global Affairs Canada implemented a rule that any document needing authentication that is not in one of Canada’s official languages, being English or French, will need to be translated by a certified Canadian translator. After which it will then need to be further sworn by a Canadian notary, another key service ALSC offers its clients. As a result of Global Affairs Canada rule changes the translation of foreign language documents has become an important step in the authentication and legalization process, which is at the core of the specialized services that ALSC offers.

Global Affairs Canada Authentication Requirements for Foreign Language Documents

To talk more about the process of Canadian authentication of foreign language documents once the notarized translation is completed it then needs to be presented, with the original Canadian notarized foreign language document, to Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa. After reviewing the original document, with its translation and confirming that they meet requirements, the original notarized foreign language document will then be authenticated by a Global Affairs Canada Authentication Officer. After which the translation will then be returned, which you should keep for your records, as well as the authenticated foreign language document. The foreign language document will be affixed with the Global Affairs Canada authentication stamp and the signature of the authentication officer who authenticated the document. Most of the foreign language documents that we translate for the authentication process are Powers of Attorney or Agreements, some of them maybe written in dual languages (Canadian official and foreign) which as per the Global Affairs Canada rules must be also be signed and certified by a Canadian translator. The other option is to have it notarized by a Canadian bilingual notary who speaks both languages and states this fact on the document further swearing to its accuracy.

Once the authentication of the original foreign language document is completed it is then ready for the second step in the process which is called legalization, or Apostille in some countries, which takes place at the embassy consulate for the country in which you intend to use your document. This can be another confusing step since the embassy consulate usually has rules depending on the type of document as well as fees which change often or can be challenging to understand. Not to worry though, with 30 years of experience with the authentication and legalization process in Canada, ALSC is here to help you validate your foreign language document for international use.

Translation Services for Authentication at Global Affairs Canada we can help!

To get started with the translation of your foreign language document for the authentication and legalization process in Canada is easy. All we require is a scan of the original Canadian notarized foreign language document for review as fees are determined by a per word basis. In the rare case where we are unable to assist because of the availability of a translator in the language required for your document we will quickly let you know. In most cases we will be able to help, responding back with our quote for translation services with the required notary fee and the authentication and legalization service fees to complete the process. We look forward to helping you using our years of experience providing translation services for foreign language documents for the Canadian authentication and legalization process, get started by clicking the request a quote button below.

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