Yes, we have been helping individuals and corporations for over 25 years with having their Canadian document accepted in a country that uses the Apostille process. Our experts will review your document upon which they will discuss the best way to proceed, saving you time and money from the start. Our ALSC service guarantee also gives you the assurance that your Canadian document will be accepted in an Apostille country.

It’s important to remember just because you are using your Canadian document in an Apostille country does not mean that it needs to have an Apostille Stamp on it to be valid. In fact, if you were to obtain an Apostille Stamp on your Canadian document it would make it invalid for international use. Trust your important international matters to the experts at ALSC, we will ensure that your document meets the destination country’s regulations for Canadian documents. We take the guessing out of the Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization process let us help you with over 25 years of experience.