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Victoria Authentication Legalization Service

Welcome to the Victoria ALSC Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization Service Center, where Canadian documents are prepared for international use. For 30 years, we have assisted clients from around the world by providing them with an international document expert. Our highly skilled specialists can help you with any type of Canadian document, whether it requires an Apostille, Authentication, Legalization, or Attestation.

We regularly process a wide range of documents for clients in the Greater Victoria Region, including BC Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Police Checks, University of Victoria Degrees, Personal or Corporate Power of Attorney, and Incorporation documents, among others.

To receive assistance, simply reach out to us via our Service Quote Request, phone, or email. One of our specialists will assist you in getting your important documents ready for Authentication at Global Affairs Canada and Legalization at the relevant Embassy in the country where they will be used. If you are located in Victoria, Saanich, Langford, Colwood, Sidney, or any other area within the Greater Victoria Region, our Victoria Service Center is easily accessible for you to drop off your documents. We also provide overnight delivery to our Ottawa National Headquarters, eliminating the need for a trip to the post office.

We Can Help You with Apostille Services!

If you have been asked to Apostille your documents, don’t worry, as the combination of Authentication and Legalization in Canada is equivalent to the international Apostille process. The difference between Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization is that Apostille is a one-step process that makes your documents valid for use in all countries that have signed the Hague Apostille Convention, while Authentication and Legalization is a two-step process that validates your documents for use only in the country at the Embassy Consulate where they were legalized.

Global Affairs Canada Authentication and Embassy Legalization

The most commonly authenticated documents for our clients at Global Affairs Canada and legalized at Embassies in Canada include BC Birth Certificates, BC Marriage Certificates, and BC Death Certificates, also known as Vital Statistics Documents issued by the British Columbia Vital Statistics Department. You can order as many copies as you need of these vital statistics documents, and we can help you get them ready for international use.

We also process other documents for use abroad on a daily basis, including University of Victoria Degrees, British Columbia Incorporation documents, Police Checks, and Power of Attorney. Our specialists can assist you in getting any document authenticated at Global Affairs Canada. If you are unsure if your document is suitable for authentication at Global Affairs Canada, our consultation service will confirm it. Our verification before drop-off at the Victoria Service Center ensures that Global Affairs Canada will authenticate your documents, giving you peace of mind while we take care of the rest.

Our corporate document authentication and legalization specialists are the best in the country with a wide knowledge of the particular documents required for doing business in a foreign country. If your firm has been asked to provide a corporate document in a foreign country there is a good chance you will be asked to have it authenticated and legalized or what some countries will call Apostille. If you need assistance with this give us a call we can walk through the steps that are required to have your corporate document recognized in a foreign country.

You can do this process yourself, currently the processing time for Global Affairs Canada is a minimum of 15 business days to authenticate a document if you are using their mail in service. The advantage of using our in person service is that we can authenticate a document in 3 or 10 business days depending on how quickly you want it done to meet your timeline. Unlike Global Affairs Canada we keep you updated from start to finish to make sure you know what’s going on with your document. If dealing with Global Affairs Canada directly and there is any issue with your document it will take 15 business days before they can help you due to their work loads. As most of our clients need it done quickly and correctly our service is an easy choice.

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Authentication and Legalization of educational documents has been a specialty of ALSC and over the past 30 years its been a great pleasure assisting those looking for work abroad. If this is you we know that the task of moving and working in a new country can be challenging enough without working through the web of official documents that you need. After consulting with one of our specialist we will help clarify what you need to do to meet the requirements. Some of our clients do need to request originals from their University Registrar and if that’s the case for you see the below links to help.

Where to request British Columbia University Degree, Diploma, Transcripts for Authentication Legalization:

University of  British Columbia Degree, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

Simon Fraser University Degree, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

University of  Victoria Degree, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

British Columbia Institute of Technology Diploma, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

Thompson Rivers University Degree, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

Trinity Western University Degree, Transcripts Authentication Legalization

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The most common documents from British Columbia that we authenticate at Global Affairs Canada are what are called vital statistics documents. As an example a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate are vital statistics documents. Depending on why you may be using your vital statistics document will answer the question of whether you need to use an original or if maybe a notarized copy will be suffice. If you do need to use an original many of our clients find it easier to order a new one for the process which is easy to do online.

Here is where you can order a new BC Birth Certificate, BC Marriage Certificate, BC Death Certificate for authentication and legalization:

BC Birth Certificate Authentication Legalization

BC Marriage Certificate Authentication Legalization

BC Death Certificate Authentication Legalization

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