Embassy Document Legalization Services

Document Legalization is the second step in validating a Canadian document for use internationally. After a document has been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section it is ready for legalization at the countries embassy consulate. This step is also known as Apostille or Attestation in other countries but is recognized as the equivalent.

Depending on the document it must be presented for legalization following a specific set of requirements and procedures. These may include fees, identification documents, Power of Attorney, direction letters and forms. Requirements change often and if not followed will cause processing delays or a document to not be legalized. Choosing our services saves you that worry and gives you peace of mind that your document will be legalized.

We can help you with the apostille, attestation, legalization at all foreign embassies or consulates in Canada. Our 20+ years of experience working with the diplomatic community allows us a distinct advantage in assuring that your sensitive document is processed efficiently. As a recognized leader in our field Authentication Legalization Services Canada is the recommended document legalization service provider at embassies or consulates in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

Our Document Legalization Service Benefits

  • Consultation to ensure that your document is ready for processing
  • Strict operational procedures to ensure the privacy and security of your document
  • We personally present and review your document with the embassy official to ensure its legalization
  • Email updates at each stage giving you up-to-the-minute status
  • Experienced agents to assist with any extra requirements
  • We coordinate shipping of your completed document to its final destination anywhere in the world

Our Document Legalization Service Fees


Embassy in Ottawa

$125for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • Save Time Hire Ottawa Experts
  • We Confirm Rules and Fees
  • In Person with Email Updates
  • Guarantees Document Legalization

Canada or USA

$175for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • Save Time by Hiring Canada’s Experts
  • We Confirm Location, Rules and Fees
  • Status Updates with Processing Times
  • Guarantees Document Legalization
“The legalized document has arrived in our office in Mexico, thank you so much for your assistance. As before, the service was completed swiftly and without any issues. We will continue to use it in the future, when needed.”
A. Almani. – Mexico City, Mexico, Medical Device License – Mexico
“That’s outstanding! Thank you so much for the push to get this done in time! I will recommend you guys to any other Canadians I come across going though their residency!”
Jim B. – Airdrie AB, Residency Documents – Costa Rica
“When time was a critical factor, ALSC had the supports in place to help my wife and I plan ahead to have our credentials legalized and attested”
Ryan Ewaskiw – Edmonton, Alberta, Degree, Teacher Certificate – UAE

Although we exercise every advantage to ensure the efficient processing time of our client’s requests for legalization, it is dependent on the embassy consulate. To receive the current processing time, embassy fee and any other strict embassy requirement that must be followed in order to legalize your document use the Get Started button below.

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