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Document legalization at the embassy consulate is the second step of Canada’s two step process to make documents valid in foreign countries. This is performed at the consular section of a foreign embassy and can only be submitted after the first step of authentication has been completed.  In Canada, authentication is most often done at the federal level by Global Affairs Canada but in some rare cases embassies may require provincial authentication to legalize your document. For a document to be accepted for legalization most embassy consulates have a variety of strict requirements any of which change often and if not followed correctly will delay or prevent your document from being legalized. These may include fees, forms, supporting documents, translations, and special document bindings. We understand that this can be an incredibly confusing and stressful part of the process but not to worry using our embassy legalization services will ensure that you have all the information required.

What is Document Legalization?

Legalization involves validating the signatures of Global Affairs Canada by the consular section of the embassy of the country where the document needs to be used. As such, legalization follows the same process as authentication. Both involve looking at the signature of a certified individual on a legal document and verifying that the signature is real. The difference is that Global Affairs Canada authenticate the signatures of lawyers or notary publics whereas the embassies authenticate the signatures of Global Affairs Canada.

Do I need to have my Document Legalized?

In most cases you will need to have your document legalized by an embassy consulate if you are using Canadian documents outside of Canada. It is common for some embassies such as Qatar or the United Arab Emirates to refer to legalization as attestation. For those countries that have signed the Hague Convention they may refer to it as Apostille or simply Authentication which is the case for China.

Whatever it maybe called we can help you with document apostille, attestation, authentication, legalization at all foreign embassies or consulates in Canada. Our 25 years of experience working with the diplomatic community allows us a distinct advantage in assuring that your sensitive document is processed efficiently. As a recognized leader in our field Authentication Legalization Services Canada is the recommended document legalization service provider at embassies or consulates in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Although we exercise every advantage to ensure the efficient processing time of our client’s requests for legalization, it is dependent on the embassy consulate. To receive the current processing time, embassy fee and any other strict embassy requirement that must be followed in order to legalize your document use our Easy Quote or find out more about our Legalization Service Fees.

How ALSC Can Help You

  • Consultation to ensure that your document is ready for legalization and providing any additional requirements
  • Strict operational procedures to ensure the privacy and security of your document
  • We personally present and review your document with the embassy official to ensure its legalization
  • Expert to answer your questions with up to the minute order status tracker
  • Canada’s most experienced agents to assist you
  • We coordinate shipping of your completed document to its final destination anywhere in the world

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