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International Notary Services

Documents that require authentication by Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section, and then legalization by foreign embassies for use outside Canada often require the services of a Notary. This may arise if the document does not have the required signature to allow for authentication or if the original document needs to be kept in its original condition for future use.

In these cases a Notary will produce a certified true copy after examining the original, stating this fact on the document and affixing their signature and seal. In addition to certified true copies we offer full Notary services as required, allowing for the authentication and legalization of your document for use outside Canada.

Our notary services can be accessed via our ALSC Service Centers using our easy steps. In addition to our in-office notary services, we can assist you with Notary services in other regions of the country, as we have worked with many Notaries while performing our specialized service over the past 30 years, so please feel free to ask for assistance.

Please note that our notary services are for clients who are using our authentication and legalization services and are by appointment only. We do not provide walk-in notary service or notary services that are available to the general public.

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