Sometimes the lowest price is not the cheapest or the best deal in the end. Here at ALSC we strive to provide the best service. We have not changed our fees in over 10 years, this combined with our no hidden fees policy speak to the value of our services. Along with our additional benefits, no service can match ALSC. The fees below are when using both our services together. For those wanting to use only our Authentication or Legalization service please speak to one of our friendly experts about fees.

Global Affairs Canada’s Covid-19 temporary rules and limited operating hours makes it impossible to offer same day service, so for now we will only be offering our 3 and 10 business day Authentication services. To help our clients, we have introduced the ALSC Smart Choice Service to make our services more convenient but more importantly to save you money.

First choose the Authentication Service that meets your timeline and budget.


$100up to 10 documents
  • 1-10 Documents
  • Multi Document Solution
  • Start Today
  • Save 10+ Business Days
  • Cost Effective

ALSC Smart Choice

$175for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • We Do It All Start To Finish
  • FedEx Pick Up & Delivery in Canada
  • $80-$150 Value Included
  • Convenient & Save Money


$125for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • Swift Solution
  • Peace of Mind
  • Save 17+ Business Days
  • Canada’s Experts Working For You

Second add the Legalization Service based on the embassy location.

Outside Ottawa embassies include Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, Italy, Oman, Spain, UAE

Embassy in Ottawa

$125for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • Save Time Hire Ottawa Experts
  • We Confirm Rules and Fees
  • In Person with Email Updates
  • Guarantees Document Legalization

Embassy Outside Ottawa

$175for 1st document
  • Only $25 per Additional Document
  • Save Time by Hiring Canada’s Experts
  • We Confirm Location, Rules and Fees
  • Status Updates with Processing Times
  • Guarantees Document Legalization

 Benefits Of Using ALSC

Compare Our Service Benefits ALSC ENG Transparent Logo Global Affairs Embassy
We save 20+ business days at Global Affairs with service choices to meet your time line
Expert to answer questions and order status tracker to give you peace of mind
Convenient hours with 13 ALSC Service Centers across Canada to serve you
Easy shipping solutions with free FedEx from any ALSC Service Center saving you $80
We save you valuable days or weeks between the authentication and legalization stages
As Canada’s recognized experts your document is backed by our service guarantee
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