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Yes you can, as with most government services they are available to the general public. For instance, like the courthouse, should you need you can apply or attend and represent yourself in most matters. Is it a good idea? There is an old saying about this sort of thing but I will leave that for another article. I think the key is to be properly prepared for any important personal or business matter that may affect an outcome.

Since the requirements are technical and ever changing for the authentication of documents, all specialized in nature, it has led to a need for professional guidance. This is where, as the first providers of the service in Canada, our experience began over 20 years ago to ensure that your important international document is processed correctly and fast to save problems, extra time or costs.

Although there are many benefits to our services time is one of them as we can save you up to 25 business days. In addition, as Global Affairs Canada warns on its website, if there are problems or questions about your document it could add extra time to processing. To save this our pre-consultation and review of your document ensures that it is authenticated the first time, backed by our guarantee. Our services extend to assisting you with obtaining any documents that you may need or need extra attention with, for example notary services, before being able to be authenticated. As the first provider of this specialized service your document will be handled in person by the most experienced agents in the industry today. As an added benefit our personal updates throughout the process ensure your peace of mind.

Once your document is completed, although foreign affairs is not, we are able to assist with shipping anywhere in the world using shipping made easy our partners provide you solutions for sending to us, and returning back to you or a third party. To find out more about the benefits of using our services contact Authentication Legalization Services Canada, our 20 + years of experience assisting people and business is at your service 1-800-336-1132 toll free in North America or

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