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We understand that doing anything in a foreign country can be difficult, let alone having the correct paperwork to do it. 25 years ago Authentication Legalization Services Canada served its first client, helping to make sure they got it right the first time. Since then we have served people from all across Canada and the world, giving them an international document expert on their side. It has been a pleasure not just saving money but also time for our clients, the most valuable thing a person can have.

As Canada’s first document authentication and legalization service, the Apostille equivalent, our focus is international document certification. Our authentication of document service is recommended by Global Affairs Canada to provide you quicker assistance, choosing ALSC as your partner for international document processing will save you 20 valuable business days. Convenient ALSC service centers in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa offer you a quick safe solution.

As the most experienced in the industry our expert help is backed by our service guarantee and safe return of your sensitive document. Authentication Legalization Services Canada is a five time recipient of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Honor Roll Award showing our proud dedication to customer service. See what our clients are saying, they are our best referral. But enough about us, let’s talk about your Canadian document and how we can help you use it internationally.



ALSC 5 Easy Steps so good our competitors recommend them too …

Our easy-to-follow process tells you what you need to do, allows you to set the turnaround time for completion and allows us, the experts, to take care of the rest.


1. We Verify Apostille or Authentication

To help you get your document accepted internationally we first need to ensure it can be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section, which maybe called Apostille in some countries. Depending on the type of document they have specific requirements. To get started use our Quick & Easy Verification. Still unsure? Not to worry, our consultation guarantees authentication-apostille. Call us at 1-800-336-1132 for help or use our Online Quote Request.


2. We Confirm Embassy Requirements

The second step is the legalization of your document at the Embassy Consulate which maybe called attestation in other countries. Most consulates have specific requirements that must be followed and will charge a fee. Since requirements, fees and processing times change frequently using our expert embassy legalization service will prevent any delays for you. To confirm current embassy fees, requirements for the equivalent of an Apostille and processing times call us or use our Online Quote Request.

Choose Your Service Speed

3. You Choose The Service Speed

Depending on your timeline we have 1, 3 or 10 day Authentication of Document Services at Global Affairs Canada saving you 20 business days. As industry leaders we were the first to offer Economy 10 day, Standard 3 day and Priority same day document authentication guaranteed, giving you service options to meet your budget. Most embassies have a standard processing time for document legalization but a few do offer quicker service. Simply decide what service choices are best for you. Fees depend on how many documents, service speeds and whether a consulate is located in or outside of Ottawa. See more about our Embassy Legalization Services to complete the Apostille equivalent. To make it easy our Online Quote Request will confirm all fees for you, or call us.

Apostille Form Canada, Authentication and Legalization Form Canada

4. Complete Order Form & Ship

We help complete the Order Form using the service speeds that best suit you. To send your document to our office we recommend using a traceable courier service like our shipping partners. As an alternative, if shipping from within Canada, use Canada Post Xpresspost envelopes. Buy two, one for shipping to us the second include for the return of your document. If you need courier return internationally we can help, simply let us know where you want the document to go we provide the rest. To save shipping fees once services have been confirmed you can then drop off your document and Order Form at any of our ALSC Service Centers in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa.

certification of documents  Authorized Merchant


5. Let us know, we take care of the rest!

Send us a quick email that the document, order form and any requirements have been sent to our office. We then begin your personalized updates to ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. We make document apostille, authentication and legalization easy whether at home, the office or from anywhere in the world. No line ups or government red tape, you have hired the experts to take care of that for you.


Let’s Get Started! It’s Easy.

Click the button below to send us details about your Canadian document and what country you are going to be using it in. We will then send you a quote that will include your options for completion time, the costs, and how to get started.

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“As a lawyer with out-of-country clients it’s difficult sometimes to get the document expertise you need, well look no further, these are the document process experts.”
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“This is not a service,  this is a super service! I have never dealt with more professionally organized group. I will tell everyone about you.”
MaxWin Immigration Group – Toronto, Police Check – UAE
“I have to congratulate ALSC for their great service. As a former Sales Manager I must say that the customer support and the service provided as a whole was remarkable. It was great for me to know that I could count on ALSC to do this sensitive and stresful paperwork for me.”
Erika C. – USA, University Degree – Spain
“I really appreciate how you keep me updated on the status of the documents and your estimates of the turnaround time have been spot on. Working with ALSC is always a pleasure.”
S. Lee – Repeat Client, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Panama
“Thank you for the prompt service, this has saved me a huge hassle at my new job. You have accomplished in 1 day what a local service was unable to do in 3 weeks!”
Monica T. – Burlington, Ontario, Employment Documents – Netherlands
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Robert L. – Ontario, Pension Letter – Nicaragua
“Thanks very much for your efficient service in authenticating and legalizing my document. I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend your firm to anyone who is looking for professional assistance in this field.”
Andre G., Wedding Documents – Mexico
“After having briefly experienced another competitor’s handling of my situation, I contacted ALSC and was relieved to find Bill and his competent staff able to fully explain and execute quickly. It became very clear who truly had the depth, knowledge and ability. In the future, there is really only one provider that I will turn to.”
Brian S. – Calgary, Alberta, Agency Agreement – Panama
“Thank you for all your updates on the progress of the whole process. It seemed very effortless on your part and we didn’t have to worry as you handled this very efficiently and professionally. You guys offer an exceptional service and I will definitely use you again and refer you to anyone needing this service.”
C. Braun – Edmonton, Alberta, Power of Attorney – Mexico
“Thank you so much for processing the legalization of our documents. We really appreciate your hard work, and the time you take to always keep us informed of the progress. It is so refreshing to receive such outstanding customer service.”
S. Lewis – USA, Pharmaceutical Documents – Mexico


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Industry leaders being the first to offer Economy 10 day, Standard 3 day and Priority same day authentication service guaranteed


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Five Time BBB Honour Roll Award Recipient — Proudly Recognized by the Better Business Bureau – We believe our clients deserve the best!