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Police Check Authentication Legalization or Police Check Apostille

Canadian Police Check Certificates being used outside the country must be authenticated and legalized before they will be accepted as valid. The validation process of Police Check Authentication Legalization may also be called Police Check Apostille or Attestation in other countries but is recognized as the equivalent. You may have been asked to provide a police record check for a new job, immigration, or attend or teach school abroad. Whatever the reason, we can help.

We have be helping people authenticate and legalize police checks for 20+ years for countries such as the Netherlands, Panama and Spain where it is known as Police Check Apostille, and the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar where it is called Police Check Attestation Legalization. Authenticating your police check with us in Canada for international use is easy.

Do you have the correct Police Check for Authentication? 

It is important to make sure you have the correct type of Police Check for the specific purpose and country in which you will be using it. This will ensure police check authentication at Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section and also legalization at the embassy consulate. Let’s start with the first step of police check authentication that takes place at Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa. 

Global Affairs Canada Police Check Authentication Rules

The only type of Police Check not requiring notarization is the one issued by the RCMP Headquarters located here in Ottawa. Since some countries prefer that you use an original, and not a notarized copy, the RCMP Headquarters issued one may be the best for you. If you have a police record check from your local or provincial police force, Global Affairs Canada cannot authenticate it without it first being signed by a Notary. If you need help with this step ask about our Notary Services. 

How to get a Police Check for Authentication and Legalization

If you are currently outside Canada and need an RCMP criminal record check feel free to mention that you need assistance. The agencies we work with can assist you from anywhere in the world to obtain one and send the RCMP certificate directly to our office to speed the police check authentication process. If you are in Canada you can simply search for an agency in your area that provides digital fingerprinting services and have the results sent directly to us.

It may be the case that you have to have a criminal record check done in another country because you worked or resided there for a period of time. If this is the case you will need to provide them with a set of your fingerprints on the correct form. Since the foreign agency you will be submitting it to requires original fingerprints, the notary must sign the original. This will allow Global Affairs Canada to authenticate it. The current processing time for Global Affairs Canada Police Check Authentication is 20 business days when sending it to them directly via courier. As time matters in most cases where Police Check Authentication is required see more about your police check authentication service options to have it done in as quick as 1 business day.

Police Check Legalization – Attestation At The Embassy Consulate

The second step of Police Check Legalization takes place at the embassy consulate of the country where you are going to be using it. Most embassy consulates are located here in Ottawa and charge a fee to provide document legalization services. In addition, some have other requirements or processing times that change often. Our document legalization services will take care of all of that making sure it gets done correctly and meets your time line. After your police check has been authenticated and legalized we can return it back to you or anywhere in the world it needs to go using one of our document shipping made easy solutions or using your preferred delivery method.

Documents you may need Authenticated and Legalized with your Police Check

If you have been asked to get a police check authenticated and legalized or Apostilled you may have other documents such as a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, or Degree that require authentication and legalization. We can help you authenticate and legalize these and more documents speak with one of our friendly agents about yours.

Now that we have helped confirm that you have the correct type of Police Check, you are ready to begin the process of Police Check Authentication Legalization process also known as Police Check Apostille Certification. Click below to get started with Canada’s experts! 

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